2010 Irish Blog Awards – Nominations are go

We’ve been testing the nomination system informally for the past week and have most of the issues sorted now. So the curtain is up and we’re ready to use another cliché to end this sentence. Nominations will close on the 5th of February at 3pm.

Some points to note:

  • Anyone can nominate a blog from Ireland/an Irish blog. You can nominate your own if you wish.
  • We need contact details for the blogs you nominate. We’ll be contacting nominees to ask them to verify their blog and to choose a category if they are moved into the next judging stage.
  • Every blog will be judged in round 1, some will make it through to a second round of judging, will be shortlisted and category winners will be announced on the night of the Blog Awards. There is no public vote.
  • There is already a category for you. New ones will not be created for you.
  • Actively blogging means the blog was in use at points between the date stamps mentioned.
  • We are happy for you to use your own judgment for any other queries about the nomination system.


  1. Jen Dot says:

    There’s no category for beauty. Beauty is not ‘fashion’, but Beaut.ie (who are brilliant, but entirely devoted to beauty only) always win in the Fashion category, which leaves little room for actual fashion… just a thought!

  2. jean says:


    I nominated yesterday but never got a confirmation email…should I resubmit? Also, what’s the closing date for nominations – it doesn’t say it anywhere on the nominations page.



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