Irish Blog Awards 2010 are on the way

Just to let you know a few things about the 2010 Blog Awards:

  • They will be in Galway
  • We are looking at a March date
  • Nominations will be opening on the first week of January for 2 weeks
  • There are going to be new categories as well as old ones that will go
  • There will be changes to the way nominations happen


  1. But I read on a dead tree that blogging was dead?

    also – w00t!

  2. Ronan says:

    Did someone say: wooooooot?

  3. SirJolt says:

    Well… damn. Now how will I win an award for “pimpest blog by a dude with no web skills”?

  4. Sweary says:



  5. Fantastic. Looking forward to it.

  6. TheChrisD says:

    Epic w00t!

    Book more inflatable stuff 😀

  7. Miroslav Hubka says:

    It is surely misguided and inappropriate, at a time of cataclysmic change in the very fabric of our society when for years those impervious to the forces at work outside of our ‘fantasy bubble economy’ if I may be blithe, continued to make a mockery of the once-proud heritage our forebears fought and died for, that the organisers of some will-o’-the-wisp electronic computer awards should be asking impressionable young diarists from bedrooms across the country to part with their meagre gatherings of cash, on the spurious grounds that they may ‘win’ an ‘award’ for baring their no doubt genuine angst, so that a small collection of elitist ‘web loggers’, answerable to no facts and to no higher discernable authority, may poke fun and use foul language in the public domain.
    It is not journalism and it is hot humour, and it must be stopped before the organisers go too far.

    Is misé le meas
    Miroslav Hubka O’Shaughnessy MacDaibhid

  8. Grandad says:

    Shut up, Twenty/Miroslav.

  9. I’ll be moving into a tent in the garden and doing B&B, like people do during the Races.

  10. conneally says:

    Nice news to wash down my lunchtime Christmas Grappa.

  11. aphrodite says:

    Planning outfit already!
    Hopefully blogging will not have died out before March

  12. omaniblog says:

    Good news. Thanks. Blogging is far from dead. It’s the foundation stone…

  13. Greg Fry says:

    I will watch this space.

  14. I look forward to my gong!!! And the West will truly be awake!!

    Roll on March..

  15. Grannymar says:

    A party. Did somebody say a party? Will there be Toyboys? My bags are packed already.

  16. Clare says:

    Looking forward to it!

  17. Ian Healy says:

    My first trip to Galway will be to see a bunch of bloggers! W00t!

  18. Daily Spud says:

    …and I won’t be so last-minute about booking my ticket this time ’round, you can be sure of that!

  19. Grealish says:

    RE: Miroslav Hubka
    And what would u do? Brag about it, The Blog awards is excellent way to promote the good use of web service in Ireland and the IT Industry it tries to build, Hence encouraging business, employment and taxes! Hence paying for hospitals etc..

    It’s a great idea! keep up the good work nice to see the event visiting Galway!

  20. amickable says:

    It’s the first week of January – how do I nominate a blog?

  21. Soooali says:

    Ah fantastic! Blogging will never die!

  22. kat english says:

    Do you have to be from ireland to nominate a website?

  23. Gary Boylan says:

    just wondering if nominations are open and how they work?
    where can I find more information?

  24. Aoibhe says:

    Exciting! I look foreard to nominations opening.

  25. ruthcrean says:

    Any word on when the nominations are opening??

  26. Maz says:

    Great stuff, looking forward to this “Jolly Bloggers Outing” to Galway.

  27. Sounds excellent! Plus, Galway is a great place altogether.

    I await the details with anticipation.


  28. Roy says:

    Galway! great City….looking forward to it and setting eyes once again on the beautiful Aphrodite in her new Guna

  29. Darren says:

    Cool – looking forward to it.

  30. White Rabbit says:

    Brilliant stuff. Galway is a great place.

    I have a few blogs in mind already…

  31. Hi Guys, that’s great news! Quick question: as a foreign living in Dublin, writing for Brazilians living in Ireland, are we elegible? or
    we have an english version also –

    If yes, which category? Thanks everyone and well done,

  32. Damien says:

    You’re a blogger in Ireland Eduardo so you qualify.

  33. Siobhán says:

    I’ll add my own little ‘w00t’ too!

  34. Give us a shout as soon as details re the awards are finalised and I’ll make sure and give it a good run on iGaeilge to ensure that there’s a better turn out from the blogosphere’s Gaeltacht! It was a great night last year and I’d definitely like to be in Galway for this year’s edition.

    It was a great boost to iGaeilge, now touching 100,000 visits. Which isn’t too bad for an Irish language blog….

  35. Thanks Damien! Just not sure which category should it be – Some readers have suggested:

    Best Specialist Blog
    (as this is for a specific niche.. not sure if applies)

    Best News/Current Affairs Blog
    (news/current affairs oriented to brazilian audience)

    *Best Personal Blog*
    (as this is my personal experience here)

    *Best Group Blog*
    (as I manage the Brazilian community as well, get people involved, etc)

    any thoughts? thanks!

  36. NiallOK says:

    W00t 🙂

    Galway’s a great choice … any details on where exactly? The G? 😉

    And yeah… I’ll make sure to book early this year too! Definitely!

  37. Clive says:

    Just wondering when the nominations are open and will there be a category for animals / service dogs by any chance or a category for highlighting and increasing awareness of disabilities?

    Cheers from Clive
    (the dog with a blog)

  38. Orla says:

    What exactly constitutes ‘actively blogging’ ? I want to nominate several blogs in various categories but am not too sure if they posted frequently enough at the beginning of this period. Can you answer my question?

  39. Can anyone tell a newbie like me how the judging is done? Is there a panel or or is by number of nominations. Thank a mil x

  40. Kerry says:

    wondering where to nominate, if nominations are still open…

  41. Kerry says:

    okay, found the link,


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