2016 and beyond

September 3rd, 2016

We’re going to update details of what we’ll be doing in Autumn 2016 and beyond in the next while. We’re doing some housekeeping with our database for now. Stay tuned! Follow us on @IrishBlogAwards for the fastest way to get details.

Irish Blog Awards

June 24th, 2012

For anyone that’s confused (and there is confusion): We have not restarted, we have not handed over the reigns to someone else and we have not endorsed any other event or given our blessing. Sorry we had to board this ghost ship to clarify that. We do wish those running blogger events, commercial and non-commercial the best of luck.

Signing off

June 24th, 2012

This is odd. The below post never posted and was meant to post about 15 months ago so posting now.


Thank you for the 6 years. Anyone can start an event and work with a community to make something they love. Don’t rely on us to bring bloggers together each year. Switch off the lights will ya?

Lights out for the Blog Awards

2011 Irish Blog Awards Winners

March 20th, 2011

Official photos of the 2011 Irish Blog Awards are here.

Best Popculture blog

– Sponsored by Movies.ie

Best Food/Drink Blog

– Sponsored by Bord Bia

Best Lifestyle

– Sponsored by Beaut.ie

Best Music Blog

– Sponsored by

Best Photo Blog

– Sponsored by Pix.ie

Best Technology Blog/Blogger

– Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Best Sport and Recreation Blog

– Sponsored by WHPR Sports Marketing

Best Blog of a Business

– Sponsored by Newsletter.ie

Best Arts and Culture Blog

– Sponsored by Culture.ie

Best Blog from a Journalist

– Sponsored by BVisible

Best News/Current Affairs Blog

– Sponsored by dediserve

Best Group Blog

– Sponsored by Spiral Hosting

Best Political Blog

– Sponsored by Politics.ie

Best Blog of a Politician

– Sponsored by Leviathan.ie

Use of the Irish Language in a Blog

– Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Best Specialist Blog

– Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Newcomer

– Sponsored by

Best Youth Blog

– Sponsored by Spunout.ie

Best Personal Blog

– Sponsored by Insure.ie

Best Science/Education Blog

– Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Best Humour Blog

– Sponsored by YoreMa

Best Blog Post

– Sponsored by KRO IT Solutions

Best Blog

– Grand Prix – Sponsored by LG

2011 Thank yous

March 20th, 2011

Rick O’Shea is first to be thanked. 6 years of being MC, not charging a penny and making his own way to the awards each time. Rick nominates a charity if we do better than break even. Thank you Rick.

Brian Green has been our sound man and DJ for the past 6 years and makes it all work well.

Ryan Whalley is the photo guru. Makes everyone look pretty.

Fran Hollywood is the blow-in to the group but has been supplying props for the past few years to the Blogs and the Web Awards. Customised props make the Awards go to Eleven.

Here are the rogues on stage:
Rogue's Gallery

The above four people are so easy to work with. You give them a date, a theme and they turn up on the day and just work without having to be told what needs doing.

John Blackbourn is the web guru that does all the Blog Awards machinations and judging systems. Without him we’d still be on excel sheets.

I’ll probably forget someone else too, sorry in advance. Remind me and I’ll add your name. I do have a dodgy brain!

Thanks to Alexia, Elana, Suzy, Steven D, Stephen B, Charles, John Williams, Andrew, Klara, Tommy, Eolai and more who have helped out over the past 6 years too.

Thanks to the sponsors who have continually supported the Awards for the past few years, to those that volunteer to judge and to those that nominate blogs they like and love.

This year a special thanks to Jacqui from WhatsOnNI, to the staff in the Europa (Esp Tina) showing how hotels can easily look after a Blog Awards, to Davy MacDonald for the graphics work, Grannymar for scouting hotels, to Curious Cupcakes for making the cupcakes this year and to Island Clothing for the t-shirts to give away to the audience. If you want your own Blog Awards t-shirt, see their store. Thanks too to BT for the WiFi vouchers. Don’t forget too to buy some of the Eolai paintings that were on display.

To the bloggers who blog to express, to share and to bridge divides, if you didn’t exist, the awards would not. Thank you and keep going.

Rick O’Shea is also the last to be thanked. Through the slings and arrows Rick makes sure that an event runs smoothly even if fate or gobshites do their best to make it do differently. Rick is one of the most professional people I’ve dealt with and I would love to work with him again and look forward to another year or two of the Web Awards and to start Project X later this year. (Which turned out to be the Social Media Awards)