Additional Sponsorship opportunities

Update: And by the power of the Internet, these are now taken. If you want to put merchandise in a goody bag though, still opportunities there.

There are now two sponsorship slots available now.

One of the sponsors has decided to pull out so there is now an opportunity to sponsor a category. If you know of someone that’s interested let them know and get them to contact me. (IrishAwards at

Additionally we are thinking about going a bit less amateur with our name badges for the event (a sticky label and you write your name on it) and have proper badges printed off with holders and everything instead! But they cost a bit of money, especially when there’s going to be 400 of them. If there’s a company interested in sponsoring the nametags, let me know. Generally the clever companies that sponsor nametags put their business cards in with the nametags.

And of course we still want merchandise for the goody bags so that everyone feels like Santa came and visited them.


  1. Steve says:

    Dude. Check with Snap printing. Apparently they are always looking for work and advertising.

  2. K8 says:

    Jeeeezus, how are you pulling this off?

    You blow my mind, Mulley, fair play to you.

    I’ll write my name on my forehead if it helps.


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