2008 Blog Awards sold out? Almost! So get booking.

About 50 places left for the evening. Go register if you want to attend.

Now, a few clarifications. This is the Blog Awards, created to give the tip of the hat to bloggers at a less-stuffy event than most award shows. There’s no dinner, no jazz band playing while you burn your mouth on microwaved vol-au-vents, you CAN give a thank you speech when you win, there are no tables so asking me to assign you at Twenty’s table won’t happen and all this cheapness 🙂 means you don’t pay to play, nominations are free and it doesn’t cost €200 to attend. It costs a tenner and that whole tenner goes to charity. Sponsors pay for everything else.


  1. Grannymar says:

    As the song says: ‘Thats the way I like it. I like it!’

  2. I am fairly new to the Blogging World but just love the no bullshine approach of the community. Like much of the openness and generousity of spirit I have encountered on the Net, I experience the blogging community to be evolving a similar ethos. Blogging is indeed the new journalism.

    Much as I would like to attend this event and meet the “characters” I am unable to do so because of long tem commitments. Have a great night! Cheers, Tony McGinley.

  3. Grandad says:

    Can you please seat us at any table that Twenty isn’t at?

    And are we the only complete family attending [myself, Granny and K8 the GR8]??? I think we deserve a table for that?

  4. What are the ladies wearing to this shindig? Anyone wanna help out a first-time attendee here?

  5. Sweary says:

    I shall wear a princess-cut affair in chiffon and such, and be the belle of the ball (coz I’m sitting at Twenty’s table).

    But underneath the chiffon creation I shall probably have on some sort of short dress type thing, which shall impress all and sundry. Don’t go too dressy, Sam. You’ll upstage me. And also the place will be jam-puckered with nerdy types who will all have jeans and stripy shirts on.

  6. Rick says:

    Short dresses? Always impressive. For the boys? Black tie or ten year old t-shirts. Either/or.

  7. ryan says:

    Curses… I can’t wear my handpicked combination of jeans & striped shirt now.

  8. MacDara says:

    I cant make oit back due to a potential war here but where can I send my tenner.

  9. JC Skinner says:

    Sweary’s going? I’m, loike, so there!

  10. McAWilliams says:

    Whats so wrong with stripes and jeans, never failed me at the previous do’s

  11. Sinéad says:

    Sam, I was thinking of going OTT and doing a ‘Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” look.

    You can be Joan Crawford to my Bette Davis if you want?

    Sweary, you’re conjuring up images of Bucks Fizz on the Eurovision with the skirt-ripping-off trick to reveal another outfit underneath.

  12. Curly K says:

    Oh fuck, if short dresses are de rigeur I shall be arrested before I get there at all it would be major fashion crime to show off my “cankles” not to mention have my flabby arse sticking out!!! Feck it and I thought my long fluffy pink meringue was just the thing – ah well back to the drawing board 🙁 LOL

  13. Curly K says:

    Phew, all sorted thanks to K8 – “on Blog Awards Night, Matthew, I shall be dressing like…”


    Really don’t know what I was stressing about 🙂

  14. Sweary says:

    You gotta speed it up
    And then you gotta slow it DOWN!

  15. Curly K says:

    Sweary I am now quite confident that I shall upstage you at the awards, given that I’ll be wearing that chic little number!

  16. K8 says:

    Why don’t we all just go naked?

  17. Manuel says:

    I shall be wearing rubber.

  18. Curly K says:

    K8 – that would be a sight to behold LOL
    Manuel – I wouldn’t expect anything less from you, am now waiting in avid anticipation!!

  19. Eddie says:

    We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now.


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