Raw Data for nominations list 2007

You can download the Blog Awards nominations list in Excel format here.

Why not have fun with it? Perhaps someone can create OPML files for each category? Perhaps someone can create some kind of slideshow for each of the categories? Maybe a wall of sound for the podcasts?

Here’s another suggestion. Going through the data in the past few days I’ve discovered a lot of new blogs. Why not go though the list and look at blogs you have not seen before and if any take your fancy, blog and link to them. Share the link love! For those nominated, why not link to some of your peers in the same category?


  1. Phil says:

    One of the main reasons I have been looking forward to t he list of nominees being published. To discover new blogs.

  2. Cybez says:

    I nominated SNOW PATROL for Best Music Blog. The nomination isn’t listed. WHY?

  3. Twenty Major says:

    I could be just guessing here but I suspect it’s because they’re tedious cunts.

  4. LOL @ Twenty Major (spat out me coffee!)

  5. Because it’s not a blog, but a series of press releases shoved into MySpaz by some sub-minimum-wage lackey at the record company?

    Also, what Twenty said.

  6. lauranen says:

    I used the raw data to put together a nominee blog browser toolbar!

    It allows you to randomly click through all the nominated blogs without having to go back and forth to the nominations list. It’s fairly primitive and doesn’t allow distinction between categories, but you can try it out at http://newbrowne.net/awards/blogawards.html.

  7. Damien says:

    I saw that and am well impressed. In the middle of writing a blog post about it actually. 🙂


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