Events around 2010 Irish Blog Awards

Before, during, after there’ll be a painting exhibition from Eolai.

On the day of the Irish Blog Awards in Galway there’ll be the Ladies Tea party.

There will also be a photowalk. (Please check with the photo bloggers on whether you are eligible to be in their club)


  1. ryan says:

    If you need to ask, you’re not eligible.

  2. Ruth Crean says:

    Very excited about the ladies tea party!

  3. Grandad says:

    Can’t wait ’til the Ladies Tea Party!! 😈

  4. Ellen says:

    Just to add – there’ll be a meetforeal brunch happening on Sat the 27th as well, in Bar no 8, Galway – everyone is welcome to come along to show and tell.

  5. Emma H says:

    I feel so sorry for the poor gentlemen who have no tea party of their own.

  6. emmet says:

    when is the finalist list announced?

  7. pullandbang says:

    Can the photowalkers gate crash the tea party and take some pics?