Hero of the 2008 Blog Awards

A proper thank you blog post will follow but for reference this chap below, the famous photographer McAWilliams is the guy that has now made it almost impossible to make Blog Awards 4 be better than this year. John was the one who gathered a team of professionals and went off and created all those video intros last night. Everyone wants copies. Everyone seems to think it defined the Blog Awards this year. No mean feat. Yes, I’ll see can they be put on YouTube.

So, thanks to all those who did the vids:
George Bush – Dermot Magennis
Script writer – Twenty Major
Graphics – Andy B
DVD Authoring – fantasyjackpalance
Editor/sound engineer/producer/director – John Williams

John McAWilliams


  1. McAWilliams says:

    Wow I am honoured with this post, as I have said to you on many occasions Mr Mulley I was only to happy to give something back to the community, I will gladly help out again next year with something similar, maybe not Bush but something else.

    I also spoke to some of the other guys who helped about last night and the great response that the videos got and they were thrilled to hear they went down so well, most especially Dermot who gave me 3 hours of his time and was concerned he did not get the voice as well as he had hoped.

    I will speak to FJP tomorrow about getting them up on youtube it should not be a problem and a link will follow.

  2. fjp says:

    my therapist says it’s ok to insist on my name being typed as “fantasyjackpalance”.


    john has spoken to me and we shall provide youtubish content shortly. john’s great.


  3. McAWilliams says:

    Told ya Damien, he a fussy one is fjp

  4. Linda Coogan says:

    Hi ,
    Just to say it was our first time at the awards but wow what a great enjoyable night and from what we can make of it it is a well run, highly regarded event, and again fair play to all of you, looking forwrad to next year!!!!

    Lin x

  5. Electrolinks says:

    I enjoyed the awards but I didnt know I was looming behind these two gents… Apologies for haunting the picture.


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