And the winners are… for 2008

Despite paying an awful lot of money for WiFi, it didn’t work on the night so news escaped out via Twitter, phone and text messages instead. Then one of the organisers was force fed tequila which stopped him from posting. The winners list.


  1. Grandad says:

    I think the real winners of the night are Damien and the rest of the crew who got the night together. Congratulations on a brilliant night to remember!!

  2. aquaasho says:

    Brilliant evening, really impressed with everything! Well done to Damien and all the organisers, it must takes buckets of personal time and effort to put it together and when it runs as well as last night you make it look easy. Really really thank you!

  3. John Cow says:

    Too bad we missed this!

  4. M Buckley says:

    We had a marvellous time at the Blog Awards. Many thanks to all the organisers who made sure we were made feel welcome and whose good humoured approach to blogging in general made such a good impression.
    Particular thanks is due to Damien and to Ellybabes who put a lot of work into a personalised logo.

    Can’t wait for next year…

  5. Damien says:

    Your comments are coming through again! Hooray!