The gigantic post of pre and post 2008 Irish Blog Awards meetups

On Saturday we have:
The Ladies Tea Party
Photoblogger meetup
The Business Bloggers meetup
Irish language bloggers meetup

On Sunday:
Sunday Brunch in Ely HQ
Bloggers dinner in Cork

Also, if you are heading back via Carlow on the night, let this chap know.


  1. Don’t forget the Friday piss-up by the Penal Battalion.

  2. I’ll be organising a special meet up for those who didn’t make the shortlists. Bring your own rope

  3. I’ve just called for a polblog premeet!

    I’ll nominate, we need a seconder and I’m confident we have enough delegate votes tied up to carry the motion – so see you all there

    And best of luck to all..

  4. M Buckley says:

    Best strategy here is to save energy until the night itself.

    It’s worth looking at the Technorati listings under
    “Irish Blog Awards” to see where the hot venues are.

  5. Sorry lad, I won’t be there 2night. I have to be in Carlow early tomorrow, and there is no chance to go back after the Awards.

    Whish you all good luck 2nigh