2008 Blog Awards finalists

Apologies for the delay, this was meant to be out last week. Here are the finalists for Best Blog, Photo Blog, Blog Post and Humourous Post

Best Blog Finalists

Best Photo Blog Finalists

Best Blog Post Finalists:

Most Humourous Post Finalists:


  1. Grannymar says:

    OMG! ME! I don’t believe it. Now Elly look what you got me into, all because of a favour!

    Thank you everyone and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

  2. kirstie says:

    wow! delira and also very surprised! but delira!

  3. ryan says:

    No Caitriona.net? I’m shocked and appalled!

  4. caitriona says:

    > No Caitriona.net? I’m shocked and appalled!

    (sniff!!) me too!! ah well, i’ll still be there to support the da and i can impartially root for other photobloggers now!

  5. Darren says:

    Ah well, it was nice while it lasted (long listed then short listed) and I too will be coming along to support my fellow photo bloggers.

    I too am surprised by caitriona.net omission

  6. Claire says:

    Oh wow! I didn’t realise the short-list was going to be shortened again. Caitriona…I’m shocked, and Darren! I’m sorry not to see you on the list, I’ve been loving your photographs lately.

  7. fústar says:

    Expected to be shown the door in Best Blog (the competition was too hot to handle…without very thick asbestos gloves), but delirah to still be in the hunt for Best Post.

    Oh and put my name down for “shocked and appalled” RE: Caitriona. We look forward to hangin’ with her on the dance floor again in any case.

  8. McAWilliams says:

    Well that has come as a massive suprise to have made the finals, Catriona I too cannot believe you have not made the cut, I am amazed, although to be honest this category has suprised me all through the judging, even as far as with some of the folk who never even made the shortlist.

    Cant wait to meet you all again on Saturday with the cameras at the ready, Claire I think its about time also that our paths cross.

  9. fústar says:


    As I recall, Jess and I sat (like big durty imposters) at the lovely “photographers table” for much of the night last year. Lots of flash gear was in evidence. Our Fuji Finepix cheapo snapper felt a bit out of its depth.

  10. McAWilliams says:


    Did you not get the urge after seeing all of Ryans gear to go out and spend 10 grand on some camera gear, I hope to see you outdo his gear this year.

  11. fústar says:


    I plan to go even more embarrassingly low tech this year by plonking a Boots disposable camera up on the table.

    “It’s awful handy for the ould snaps lads”.

  12. Looks like a missing ” in Gingerpixel’s link. Nice to see I made the finals!

  13. Sweary says:

    You lot are fucking bonkers. Don’t you know I’ve not been ag blogàil in months?

    Ah still though. I feel something warm and fuzzy in my belly. Either I’m pregnant with a hariry baby or I’m actually happy. If it wasn’t for these damn contractions…

  14. Manuel says:

    Hola everyone–

    Is very nice to be shortlisted also a second time. Thank you to the judges. Jesus will be very pleased.

    Tell me Bock the Robber please where you are drinking. I am flying in from Las Canarias on Thursday night, sleeping over in Spanish Embassy. Is there tapas?

  15. Steve says:

    @Bock: Depends if you will have your heavies at the gig this year??

  16. caitriona says:

    heh! who needs nominations when ppl are shocked and apalled (thanks peeps)

    pints & dancing – deffo!!

  17. ryan says:

    Further to my comment above, I’m equally as shocked (but not nearly as appalled) that my own blog made it to the final list. Also quite disappointed not to see Darren there. Assumed that was a certainty.

  18. No heavies this year. I’m planning to try out my new, caring side.

    It won’t last.

  19. Steve says:

    New caring side?? Is there another side? Sure you can buy me a pint and tell me alllll about it.

  20. Where ist the award for “Views from the Emerald Island”? The entries are most interesting, really well written and incredibly qualitative.


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