2008 Blog Awards is sold out

400 seats have been booked. However, there will always be no shows, we know what bad hair days are like and that sometimes you just have to stay home if the beehive didn’t turn out right, isn’t that right lads? So if you still haven’t registered, put your name down and you can get a cancellation. No, those of you who got in under the wire cannot sell lapspace. For those that registered before now, congrats you now have access to the most exclusive and largest blogger event of the year!


  1. MissLili says:

    YAYSIES! ( I just remembered to register today!)

  2. Is our name on a list? or how does it work?

  3. Gareth says:

    Can i be added to the list too? Great to hear there’ll be such a good turnout.

  4. Eoin Kennedy says:

    Groan. Should have learnt from the film festival – book early or miss everything.
    Let me know if space pops up.

  5. M Buckly says:

    Thanks for the update.

    Fever Pitch…

  6. toast says:

    balls – i’ve been out of various countries and for reason known only to the company i work for this site is blocked… am i too late?

  7. Damien says:

    Everyone up to this point, you’re covered. Few have come forward to say they are not going so you got their allocation.

  8. Matt Vinyl says:

    Cheers to whomever nominated/longlisted/shortlisted me. Unfortunately I can’t be there on the night. I’m not presuming that I’ll actually win so I won’t go to the bother of recording an acceptance speech to play on the night. The latest edition to the family arrived the other day so I guess the next time I’ll get to go out/socialise/blog will be about 2012. Good luck to all involved.

    Matt Vinyl.

  9. aphrodite says:

    er… I might need a couple more places too. Underestimated the enthusiasim with which invites would be taken up.
    Surely you will not turn anyone away at the door Damien?

    BTW if anyone wants to sign up for matchmaking services I have some very fine single ladies coming along to cast their eye over the crowd. Slip me a G&T on the quiet and I’ll put a word in for you

  10. Damien says:

    Hey, I’m Damien, I’m 30 years of age, oh hang on. Nevermind.

    Add them to the registration list and we shall see!

  11. Curly K says:

    Aphrodite – you bringing any fine single gentlemen with you for us single lady bloggers?? I’ll buy you a couple of G&Ts no problem if you do!!

  12. aphrodite says:

    awwww – next year I’ll be better organised and have a wide selection of available singletons to suit all tastes and inclinations!

  13. Sadly I have to go to a damn stag weekend so am missing the fun (and goody bags!) this year. Best of luck to all nominees, particularly best Sports and Recreation folks, a superb night guaranteed for all and no mistake!

  14. Niall Larkin says:

    Clashing dates means that 2 more spaces available on the list as myself and Dawn have to pull out.

    Bit of a killer for us. Bound to be the best night of the year.

  15. Is there any chance you can fit two more little people in? Wasn’t sure we could make it but it looks like we’ll be escaping the baby for the night.

  16. Can I bring an extra? Just one? She’s small.


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