Best Personal Blog longlist 2008


  1. Blimey! Cheers to whoever nominated me – really, thanks very much! It’s made my day. Thing is I’m not Irish though – not since generations back. I’m Scottish and I don’t live in Ireland so I don’t reckon I qualify. I do spend a lot of time on the Irish blogs and I’ll be there on the night to cheer all me Irish pals on but don’t really think I belong as a nominee. Thanks again though. If I knew who’d nominated me I’d give them an enormous cuddle and a kiss like an octopus’s sucker, “Khhhthwooo-pop!” Just like that. But don’t let that put you off! There’s a free pint or seven on March 1st for whoever it was!

    Anyhoo, best of luck to all the other nominees! Right away I recognize some stonking, shiny gems of blogs up there and it’s going to be fun discovering the other ones listed. The real beauty of these awards is getting to discover great new reads you might not otherwise have come across.

    Good luck, all! These awards are going to be great fun.

  2. Hangar Queen says:

    If there’s free drink at stake then I’ll “man up” and admit nominating you.
    I’d also like to thank the lovely ,shining wonderful person/persons who nominated me.Usually that amounts to me patting myself on the back or bribery I can ill afford.

    Soooper! Can’t wait to see you all in Dublin.

  3. TheChrisD says:

    Woo, I actually made it 🙂

    Albeit, slightly mis-capitalized, but I can let you guys away with that 😉

  4. Grannymar says:

    I am in shock! I go out for lunch and look what happens – ‘they’ put me on the list!!

    I feel very humble to be in such good company. My heartfelt thanks to whomsoever thought enough of me and took time to make the nomination.

  5. JohnMc says:

    Jaysus. I am totally suprised!

  6. JohnMc says:

    And thanks to whomever nominated me.

  7. Huzzah!

    I feel like My Left Foot.

  8. Esau says:

    I vote Travors. (OK I am ‘Yank but I love his blog and your awesome beer.)

  9. Curly K says:

    Well smack my arse and call me the fattest blogger on the block – nice to know someone was thinking of me – cheers whoever you are :)!

    And here was me thinking I’d only ever be remotely linked with the Awards if there were catagories such as “Blogger with the fattest arse” or “Blogger who spouts the most shite!”

  10. lorcy says:

    I literally cannot believe it, even getting mentioned is enough for me, it proves some loons are actually looking at what I say, I am spellbound, and frenzied, and marnied, and psychoed, and jamaca inned…

  11. Crikey. Getting nominated means I’d better start thinking more about what I write.

    Thanks to whomever nominated me. If I win I promise to cure cancer, bring world peace and give every child in Africa a blog…

  12. Sparky29 says:

    “I was looking for a Blog, but then i found a Blog’

    Thanks to whoever nominated me for best personal blog/webmaster error, Very Suprising! Good Luck to Everyone!

  13. Ann Treacy says:

    Very fun news – thank you. To celebrate, I think I’ll start using spell-check.


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