Counting down – Longlists for 2008 Irish Blog Awards

Some of the lists are out already and this is a good thing as Best Blog, Best Personal, Newcomer and the others not listed here are extremely long. In fact if I listed all of the nominations for each category in one post, there’d be a few hundred lines to the post. That’s why those “leaks” are distributed around the Blog O’Sphere.

Some of the urls appear to have either changed or are incorrect. Let us know this. Also, some people may not want to be listed so if that is the case, let us know. Email IrishAwards < at >

Also, you will notice that some blogs are in multiple categories even though the rule was two categories at most. The majority of people honoured this but we all have our own views what categories suit the most. With Round 1 of the judging done and all the blogs are ranked, the two categories that a blog ranks best in will be the ones that it will find itself in if it manages to reach the cut for the short lists. Blog Post and Humourous Post are the exceptions of course.

Here’s the longlists out there already:

Best Popculture Blog
Best Photography Blog (Treasa’s url is wrong, we know!)
Best Designed Blog (Nialler9) is actually on this list too
Best Sports and Recreation
Best Business Blog

Best Blog from a Journalist
Best Technology Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Specialist Blog
Best News/Current Affairs

Best Politics Blog
Best Food and Wine Blog

Best Newcomer
Best Arts and Culture Blog
Best Music Blog

To come:
Best Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Craft Blog
Best use of Irish Language in a Blog
Best Blog Post
Most Humorous Post


  1. Rick says:

    Any sign of most humourous post Damien? Nominated a mate and can’t wait to see his virtual face light up…

  2. Ed says:

    I’m pretty sure I nominated in the tech category…could you take a peek?

  3. Maria Horan says:

    I am not sure what the closing date is for the blog awards is – it looks like I’m too late but I thought I would try, anyway. I am sending this email to see if it is possible to nominate Patrick James’ excellent blog - I’ve been having problems with my email and a lot of them have been returned to me including a previous nomination for Patrick James which I sent in early January. Anyway, I would really appreciate it if there was any way he could be considered as a late nomination, as his blog really is excellent. I had originally submitted him as best newcomer and best blog post.
    Thank you for your time in reading my email.

    Maria Horan.

  4. Eamon Aylward says:

    Thanks you for all your work on the Awards. Can I suggest that it would be helpful and more informative to give the total number of nominations for each award category. Many thanks


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