Blog Awards 2008 – Sponsorship Opportunities

There are currently four sponsorship options available for the Blog Awards 2008, though we are open to suggestions.

Category Sponsorship
Option one is sponsorship of a category. Category sponsorship is 300 euros. (270 euros for sponsors from last year) Last year’s sponsors have first refusal on their sponsorship slots and a list of what is available will be available soon. Here are the categories for 2008:

Podcast Sponsorship – Sponsored for 2008
The second option is to the sponsor the official podcast of the event. This will cost 500 euros. Your company name will be mentioned at the start and end of the podcast and the podcast will be hosted on the Awards website with your logo next to it. The podcast will be a recording of the evening and will also interview all the winners.

I expect great interest in this podcast from those that attended and did not attend. I am also alking to an online tech news site to see will they also host the podcast and so increase the audience even more. You could of course host it on your own website too and it can be linked from the Awards website.

Best Blog Sponsorship – Sponsored for 2008
The third option is sponsorship for Best Blog, this is the top Award of the night and the last award of the night. The top award will naturally get the most coverage and so your brand will be associated with that. This costs 2000 euros.

Goody Bag Sponsorship
Every attendee (est 400 in 2008) gets a goody bag with various bits and pieces in the bag. If you want to provide 400 pieces of merchandise into the bags, you are welcome. There is no charge for you to have your merchandise in the goody bags.

(There may be an option for sponsorship of an official video/videos of the event too, waiting to hear back from a TV production company)

What sponsors get in return:

For the nomination and voting rounds your name will be on the nomination and voting page associating your name with the category in question.

Your name and logo will be on the sponsors page. The sponsors for 2008 will be displayed on the site until the next blog awards buildup.

On the night of the event you or your representative will be pictured with the award winner for the category that you sponsored. You or your representative will be on the left of the photo.

There will be a pre-Awards drinks reception with all the nominees and sponsors at 1800 on the evening of the Awards. This will give the nominees a chance to mix with the sponsors and organisers.

You’ll probably get a lot of thanks from some very happy bloggers who’ll enjoy their night in nice surroundings.

Finally, I will also provide a comment for you if you wish to release a press release or mailshot to clients about your sponsorship of a blog award category.

What the sponsors do not get:
I try to keep the commercialisation of the Awards to a minimum so there are no displays or banners for the sponsors in the room. Sponsors do not present the prize on the stage.

Blog Awards Coverage in 2007:
Some 6000+ people voted at the Blog Awards, and came from 67 different countries to do so. 350 people turned up on the night. There has been coverage about the Awards on 2FM, Radio 1 (Dave Fanning), TodayFM Last Word, Phantom FM, INN, Electric News, Silicon Republic, multiple times in the Irish Times, Sunday Tribune, RTE Six One News etc.


  1. Where’s it all happening this year, Damien? Is it still in Dublin? Somebody mentioned Cork.

  2. Damien says:

    Somebody was wrong, Dublin again. Waiting to hear back on the hotel and if they give a discount. Probably Feb 23rd

  3. Kieran says:

    I can send down chocolate again if you want!


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