Irish Blog Awards 2007 – Shortlist Announcement at 6pm

I said to expect shocks. After going through the 4800 votes (yes that many!) and removing some double and triple votes, the list will be launched at 6pm. What was totally unexpected is the number of draws in some categories, thereby making some short lists a little longer. One category had 5 people drawing for 3rd place, for example.

Spamming and multiple votes weren’t as frequent as I would have predicted so a big thank you to all nominees who guided their readers to play nice. Still some hilarious examples of how not to double and triple vote for the same blog in a category. If you are going to try and fake votes at least use different email address usernames. For example: and will make us notice. Especially when all done from the same IP within 15 minutes.

To the guy who used his work address, his gmail address and his name as Gaelige in a third email, yeah we spotted you too!

Best of luck to everyone come six o’clock.


  1. PaddyC says:

    Quality.. it’s not about the result, it’s about the anticipation!! Once the categories are announced it’ll be all over for most of us, so keep building that suspense… it’s how roughly 200 of us will get our enjoyment from this process!

    Best of luck to everyone by the way! Roll on six o’clock..

  2. Grandad says:

    Ah Lads! I’m running very low on Valium and Prozac at this stage and the chemists are shut.

  3. McAWilliams says:

    Great news Damien, looking forward to refreshing the page at 6pm.

  4. M. Buckley says:

    Congratulations on running such an efficient system, Damien.

    I’ve put a widget on my site where visitors can view the count-down to the shortlist.

  5. i wish i knew this was goin on b4 yesterday. i wudda atleast voted 4 myself

  6. Dan Sullivan says:

    Draws? Bugger I’m screwed so. Still the tension is great for toning those hard to reach muscle groups.


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