Long list for Blog Awards and Voting to begin in next few hours

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Voting for the Blog Awards will start in the next few hours. We’re trying to iron out some of the bugs now but we’re all but ready to go with this. Stay tuned.

Here’s a sneak peak for those nominated for Best Podcaster (Sponsored by Microsoft)


  1. Hi,
    Sorry for the inconvenience, but I must have entered the web address for my podcast (An Saol) incorrectly as the link reads ansaol.blospot.com, it should of course read ansaol.blogspot.com, I would really appreciate if you could correct this mistake. Thanks

  2. Phil says:

    where are the music podcasts?

  3. Brian Greene says:

    doop make http://www.eleanormcevoy.net/rss.xml and
    this is a sample of me personal cast (with music) http://briangreene.com/wxtc18.mp3

    hear also these three [not in the blog awards] but well worth it.

    as for where are the other music casts.? look what viacom/youtube did to balcony. why didn’t balcony submit? they say they did not hear about the awards, i can’t(don’t) believe that.

    podRepBod (http://PODireland.org ) sat down with imro/mcps and have a clearer understanding where music can sit in podcasts. corporate dominance of music is dead… see that industry go the way of the TV networks with reality celebrity shows…

    plenty of top irish indie music will be played at the blog awards after party with music provided by DOWNLOADMUSIC.IE and me on the ipods.


  1. Ken McGuire :: Creative Imagination