New Blogs on the Block – January 29th 2007

Splintered sunrise

Cupla Focail

An Irish knitting blog.

kerry News Blog

Campaign for Fulltime Fire and Emergency Service for North Wicklow


  1. Grandad says:

    Another one that has popped up on the radar [a newbie. Less than a week old, but looks promising]…

    The Voice of Treason

  2. Karen says:

    Any word on when the voting for the Blog Awards will be open? I see the nominations are closed there so just wondering when the voting process will begin.


  3. Yea, I was wondering the same as Karen?

    The sponsors might be soon getting suspicious that you are now in Hawaii with the money just “resting in your account”. LOL.

    I jest. You’re doing a fine job.

  4. Damien says:

    Karen: 6000 entries. Not really going to be easy to come up with a voting solution for something like this. Working on a few models to see what the best one will be. Plus I’m working 5 jobs now as well as doing a Law degree so I’m kinda stuck for time 🙂 I hope some time next week for the voting.

    John: I think they’d be bemused given they have not been asked for money yet.