An Irish Bebo Award – I kid you not


Not as loved as they much as they should be, I’ve decided to have an award (but not an Irish Blog Award) for the Best Irish Bebo profile. Prize(s) not decided upon yet but probably vouchers of some sort. More details on the Bebo profile for the Awards. Just waiting on a certain web programmer to sort me out with some voting scripts and I can get the Bebo competition launched.


  1. Rob says:

    I endorse this product and or publicity stunt 😀

  2. Hey, you may want to check out a Bebo search engine a computer science friend of mine wrote a few months back, it’s scarily good.

  3. Paul Walsh says:

    I’ll see Paul Birch, Co-founder of Bebo at the end of the month – I’ll make sure to let him know what you’re doing!

  4. Ah hello there kind sir/lady!

    We would like to present to you our url:

    Here is our banter:

    Almost 85,000 hits with many million more page views since February 26th 2007.

    Juuust about 50,000 comments in the same time.

    We’ve also featured as one of the top 3 fashion sites in the Sindo, we were offered a syndicated column in regional newspapers, and also my mam says you ought to give us a prize….


    xx (B) and (L)