Sponsorship Opportunities for 2007 Awards

All categories for the 2007 Blog Awards are now sponsored. There are however a few more areas that can be sponsored including catering sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities ranging from 500 euros to 3000 euros then send an email to irishawards < at > gmail.com. If you want to be put on the waiting list for 2008 events, please also email and say this.

What sponsors get in return

For the nomination and voting rounds your name will be on the nomination and voting page associating your name with the category in question.

Your name and logo will be on the sponsors page. The sponsors for 2007 will be displayed on the site until the next blog awards buildup.

On the night of the event your or your representative will be pictured with the award winner for the category that you sponsored. You or your representative will be on the left of the photo.

You’ll probably get a lot of thanks from some very happy bloggers who’ll enjoy their night in nice surroundings and who while there will be given some very nice food.

Finally, I will also provide a comment for you if you wish to release a press release or mailshot to clients about your sponsorship of a blog award category.


  1. What happened to business blog?

    If it’s still available, pencil it in ‘cos I’m almost certain I have a taker for you.

  2. Damien says:

    Business is taken too, yes.

  3. Robbie Byrne says:

    We will sponsor the Sports Award


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