Planning for Irish Blog Awards 2007 has started – Suggestions welcome

Just an update to let people know that the planning has started for the Blog Awards. Hope to confirm venue and date soon. The Alexander the last time seemed like a good location so I hope we can use that again. Also looking at the end of February or start of March, as before.

I hope to make the event bigger and better with more categories and I hope to have a band or DJ to keep everyone entertained after the ceremony itself so that we can keep celebrating and talking and partying and not disperse so quickly like last year. Some bands and DJ booking companies have approached me about using them but I don’t think they realise that the Blog Awards are dirt poor. Unlike other Awards, we will not be spending 30k on the event although the costs are a high enough fraction of that. 🙁

I hope to make the event less commercial this year and less or even no spot prizes during the event itself. Possibly afterwards or else give people goody bags like the Oscars. (Minus the thousand dollar watches)

Suggestions welcome.


  1. Sharon. says:

    Hi Damien !

    I think the spot-prizes worked well last year , and should be continued .
    At least those of us who would otherwise end the night empty-handed 🙁 have a chance of winning something !

    So you either relent now or I will be forced to follow you around the airwaves again !

    Sharon .

  2. Elana says:

    I liked the spot prizes as well…maybe once things calm down for me I can help you get some together?


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