Countdown to the Awards – Tech event / Cocktails

Just a reminder that the Blog Awards are this Saturday at 1900 (sharp if you want a seat). Entrance fee is 5 euros. Registration will start around 1840. Registration being you hand over the cash and you get a raffle ticket (for the various spot prizes which will be listed in another blog post). Go here to pre-register your attendance. Looks like it will reach capacity or be over-capacity.

As discussed previously there’ll be a tech event at the location before the main awards from 1500 onwards and for those not into tech there’ll be cocktails in the Cellar Bar in Merrion at 1700


  1. Dick OBrien says:

    Wow. What’s the capacity? Like how many people are expected. Musn’t dawdle in the Merrion if that’s the case

  2. Damien says:

    Holds 150ish

    131 are confirmed as going. 20 are down as unsure. That excludes all the PR people who are going as well as media people.

  3. that girl says:

    Dick – just get to the Merrion for 4 and you’ll be grand!

  4. Naoise Nunn says:

    Damien, well done on all of this. I’m just a bit nervous at meeting all my pseudonymous heroes – I’m half expecting the place to be full of people in masks and capes looking lost and confused! I run the monthly Leviathan political cabaret from CrawDaddy and we would like to look at broadcasting it live on the Internet – you might be able to suggest some techies who could help? Cheers, Naoise.


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