Room cost, dress code and pre-Awards tech event

I got an invoice this morning for rental of the function room in the Alexander. You best sit down: It’s €2000. Microsoft has stepped in and offered to cover costs for it. I’m totally blown away by this offer and there were no conditions about it. We don’t now have to be called The Microsoft Irish Blog Awards or The Vista Irish Microsoft MSN Blog Awards or anything else.

The room has its own stage and podium and PA system and roaming mic. We have a projector and wireless broadband though unfortunately it is not free as Bitbuzz don’t supply the Alexander. The room I think may have its own bar or else there’s one next door. All very swank and cushy. So remember to say thank you to the Microsoft people who turn up on the night and buy them a drink or two at the very least.

Some people were worried about the dress code for the night as the Alexander is quite a posh location. It’s informal so worry not ladies and gents. Though if you want to wear your fav Donna Karan black dress we won’t stop you.

Lastly the preAwards tech event will now be held in the same room as the Awards. The room is now booked from 1500 onwards and not 1800. Again thanks to the folks in Microsoft. There shouldn’t be a problem with space now. Someone from Microsoft is going to come along (at my request) and talk and answer questions about IE7 and RSS. Bernie is organising this and can supply more details.


  1. JWT says:

    Ah now Damien, you’re showing your true colours now.

    I mean who or what is a Donna Karan black dress 🙂

  2. Damien says:

    You’ll know soon enough. Gave your Mrs the name of a good boutique. 🙂

  3. JWT says:

    Now that’s just mean!

  4. Could we have a dress code show of hands then please – I just want some reassurance that I’m not the only coming in jeans and casual shirt 🙂

  5. JWT says:

    I think the issue appears to be more female biased.

    On the blokes side I would guess dressed would cover it 😀

    Personally I would have thought trousers, shirt possibly tie if you really want to go for it. Otherwise come as you are sort of thing?

    On the female side it appears that Damien’s Donna Karan comment caused consternation, but someone has sensibly suggested that up to and including “Office Wear” would be as far a formal wear should go?


  6. Elana says:

    Damn it. I’ll have to cancel the rental on the ballgown then. /sulks

  7. Simon McGarr says:

    I still think that the opportunity to fancy it up shouldn’t be missed.
    My floor length chinchilla coat never gets enough of an airing.