2010 Irish Blog Awards Nominations

Before the reactions occur, please thank the sponsors for once again investing in the Blog Awards and making it happen. Why not link to them and thank? Please congratulate your felllow nominees and read some of the many new blogs that have come along this year and tell others of them.

These lists are the raw nomination lists with spam/junk nominations and some dead blogs removed. Yes we know some blogs in categories do not fit the category but this is what the general public has submitted. We do not have logos for you to put on your blog, other bloggers make them each year or you can make them yourself.

If you have an issue with a blog for not matching whatever criteria, it would be nice if you left a constructive comment here on this post to point it out and do so with your own name and blog. If you want your own blog to be removed from any/all categories you can do so in the comment section or via email to contact < at > awards.ie. We will not however accept any private mails asking for blogs to be removed that are not your own.

Judging will start early next week. Congratulations to the nominees. Thank you to those that nominated so many blogs.

Best Popculture blog

– Sponsored by Insure.ie

Best Food/Drink Blog

– Sponsored by Bord Bia

Best Beauty/Fashion Blog

– Sponsored by Spinnakerpro

Best Music Blog

– Sponsored by deStudio

Best Photo Blog

– Sponsored by Pix.ie

Best Technology Blog/Blogger

– Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Best Sport & Recreation Blog

– Sponsored by Boards.ie

Best Blog of a Business

– Sponsored by RedCardinal.ie

Best Arts and Culture Blog

– Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Best Blog from a Journalist

– Sponsored by BVisible

Best News/Current Affairs Blog

– Sponsored by dediserve

Best Group Blog

– Sponsored by Red Fly Marketing

Best Political Blog

– Sponsored by Digital Revolutionaries

Best Blog of a Politician

Use of the Irish Language in a Blog

– Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Best Specialist Blog

– Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Newcomer

– Sponsored by LastMinute.com

Best Youth Blog – Sponsored by Spunout.ie

Best Personal Blog

– Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Best Humour Blog

Best Blog Post

– Sponsored by KRO IT Solutions


  1. Mark Walsh says:

    Ooh, after a quick ctrl + f, I see my name here six times. Delighted. Thanks to whoever nominated me.

    Also, first comment. What a day this is turning out to be.

  2. Annemarie says:

    Well done to everyone , such a stellar list. Will do up a badge, link back to Irish Blog awards and wear it with pride 🙂

  3. SligoTV says:

    Congrats to the ones who made it to the list. We’re still a baby but hopefully we’ll get nominated in the future.

  4. Wow, just found out that I’ve been nominated – I’m chuffed! Congrats to everyone, I wish you all the best of luck.

  5. Ellipt says:

    Congrats everyone. Looking forward to going through these to find new stuff to look at.

  6. Doocey says:

    Delighted to be on such a prestigious list! 🙂

  7. aoife mc says:

    Sweet! Very happy to be on the list, and looking forward to finding some new favourite blogs by trawling through this lot.

  8. Ruth Crean says:

    Sweet I got nominated….well done to everyone else also. I great list that I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun going through

  9. Well done to all who’ve had input into the competition. I’ve enjoyed being introduced to some wonderful sites! Kristi

  10. dulwichmum says:

    I am so proud to be on this list and in such fab company. Congratulations to everyone nominated. I can’t wait to visit the other nominees.

    *Clears throat*

    How completely super, er… hurrah!

  11. Kerry Dexter says:

    lovely to be nominated again this year , for both blog and post categories. good to see friends on the list, and looking forward to exploring new sites too. thanks and best of luck to all.

  12. Wow – didn’t realise there were that many heavily active blogs in Ireland. Good stuff indeed

  13. Jo says:

    Oh. Was sure I nominated http://www.milk-moon.blogspot.com for photo blog… was it not photo-y enough or did it get lost along the way?

  14. Damien says:

    Hi Jo, nope, that should show, can you email the confirmation email to contact awards.ie and we can see what happened to it and add it in?

  15. Gemma says:

    Yay, I’m a nominee..congratulations everyone 🙂

  16. Marie says:

    Thanks so much to everyone who nominated the JBBC blog. This means so much me – what a great way to celebrate exactly one year of blogging. Well done to everyone and to the Irish Blog Awards team for organising all of this.

  17. Thank you! Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated. I’m always grateful for links to new blogs to look at.

  18. Thanks a lot for the nomination! What a nice list of interesting blogs to have a look at.

  19. Darren says:

    Wow. An honour to be nominated. Thanks guys!

  20. barry says:

    thanks for the nomination! 🙂

  21. Niamh says:

    Thanks for the nominations!
    http://www.writeronthewayhome.blogspot.com moved homes though since some lovely people nominated me! Does this disqualify the blog? New address is http://www.irishwanderings.com
    Great list – lots of reading to do 🙂

  22. I was shocked to be on the nominations list, thanks 🙂 My Country Heritage blog is the least visited of my blogs but I try to keep it updated. I started my blog when I became unemployed and as I have a keen interest in the heritage of Ireland I record some of it on my blog.

    Country Heritage
    All things nice…

  23. Thanks for organising – well done!

  24. Thanks for the nomination!! We’re delighted 🙂 And congrats to all the other nominees – really looking forward to discovering a lot of new blogs!

  25. Niamh says:

    Well done to everyone who was nominated and well done on the organising that goes on behind the scenes Damien.

  26. Kevin says:

    Delighted to be nominated in our first year – thanks to those who did so in the three categories – and, to echo a number of earlier comments, delighted to be in such excellent company. Plenty of great sites here, and plenty more new ones to explore.

    Thanks to the organisers too – the awards are a brilliant way to through some extra light on such an energetic scene.

    (Pue’s Occurrences)

  27. Virtual Haze says:

    So delighted to be nominated – thanks so much!

  28. Thanks for the nom! Looking forward to exploring the other nominees!

  29. Edwin McFee says:

    Thanks for the nomination. Colour me chuffed.

  30. Thanks a million for the nominations. It was a very nice suprise……..
    Should I have got a mail saying I was nominated?

  31. Hey cool – you can get nominated for Not Blogging too – I haven’t posted anything in six months…

  32. niamh says:

    Thanks for changing the link Damien! Good luck to everyone.

  33. Lynnie says:

    Wahey! Thanks for the nomination, absolutely delighted.

    Congrats to all the nominees, looking forward to having a trawl through some new-to-me blogs.

  34. Damien says:

    @irishElectionLiterature No mail, there appear to be about 800-900 nominees

  35. I am so thrilled to see five of our bloggers from National College of Ireland on the list. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and best of luck on the night.

  36. James says:

    Yaay! A privilege to join such distinguished company!

    And this year there on the double as well ; (personal blog and part of the group effort at IrishElection).

    This makes for quite a handy list of who’s who in the irish blogging world actually. Thanks to Damien and co for putting in all the spade work again.

    On a practical note how and where do we now arrange tickets?

  37. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes in organising this. Congratulations to everyone on the list, what a fab list of blogs. (I have linked back from my site.)

  38. Susan says:

    Thanks to any/all who nominated me at The Joy of Writing. I’m delighted to see people dropping by and commenting, and I am having a nice nose around too – was listening to Holy Roman Army from the Musical Rooms blog last night and they were really good!

    I’m glad to see Emerging Writer in the arts and culture category as she’s done Trojan work in rooting out competitions and events. Stochastic Geometry and Wallpaper are both known to me 🙂 and I’m seeing many more familiar links.

  39. Jennikybooky says:

    Yay! I’m exirah and delirah! Thanks to everyone who nominated me! I’m so excited, a bit of wee came out!

    I’m enjoying myself now lurking through the lists, there’s loads I haven’t had the pleasure of dirtying with my eyes just yet! Hurrah!

  40. Ed Giansante says:

    Thank you guys! It’s a pleasure to be on that list! We’ve just got some great news by winning the Lexiophiles competition – http://en.bab.la/news/top-100-international-exchange-experience-blogs-2010

    Hope we are in a good vibe at the moment and will get some nice results here! Thanks again 🙂

  41. Great to be nominated, although I’ve no idea how this happened! Do readers of the blog need to nominate you? Or is there a top secret Irish Blog Awards committee that trawl the blogosphere searching for candidates?

    Either way, well chuffed.

    It’s nice to be introduced to blogs in areas completely different than mine that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have stumbled across. Good luck to all!

  42. Delighted to be nominated as both a newbie and a specialist. Yes, mums can be specialists too you know! Good luck to everyone.

  43. Irene O'Mara says:

    Thanks for the nominations! Delighted and congrats to everyone.

    Irene – The Performance Corporation

  44. I’m humbled and curious as hell as to who nominated me. Was only ever nominated for anything else once in my life. Thankfully the Judge didn’t buy a word he said.

  45. Rick says:

    Only just back in the country so only just seeing these. Well done to everyone, good luck to the judges and see yiz on the night 😉

  46. I’m very happy to see the Security Ninja blog nominated for an award! Thank you very much!

  47. Jamie says:

    Woot!!! Thanks so much to everyone for voting for fulltwist.net, finally gymnastics in ireland gets a bit of notice 🙂 My weekend had been so successful and seeing this completed it. Thank you all so much, it might seem silly but it means something to me random internetters 🙂

  48. Me says:

    Great to get nominated just checked out the competition in the Best Technology Blog/Blogger I have no hope some great sites in there. Best of luck to all

  49. Jessica says:

    The only one i’ve ever heard of on here is Thunder + Threads.
    Being Irish, i think all the best irish ones are on tumblr…

  50. Ger says:

    Well done to Cigars.ie for getting nominated.

    This list is getting longer every year! Best of luck to all nominees.

  51. JennieM says:

    Can’t wait to check out the winners – as the 24 hour day doesn’t allow for perusing all of these blogs!

    Slight typo on link for me: hal9000.ie/blog


  52. Blau von T says:

    still cant quite believe the nomaintaion, well done to everyone else..hugs all round

  53. Aoibhe says:

    So delighted to see so many craft blogs scattered among the list, equally happy to see mine included, too!

    Maybe next year we can have an “Arts and Crafts” category? : D

  54. Appreciate being nominated. Lots of high calibre company.

    Thanks to organisers and sponsors – I know these things take a lot of work.


  55. Steph Farrell says:

    I’m probably being very pedantic, Damian, and about to bring wrath down about my ears, but I don’t believe the Well Done Fillet blog meets the criteria for eligibilty. It wasn’t active between the relevant dates. The posts there now are from one of the author’s other blogs.

    I’m not suggesting for a minute that Manuel has inserted them for this purpose. After all, he’s already nominated several times in the same or other categories for his posts at the Coddle Pot blog, where he was actively posting. But other entrants in the same category might feel hard done by given that duplication.

    I hope this will be regarded as constructive. I apologize in advance to Manuel if I’m wrong.



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