The 2009 Irish Blog Awards winners are

Full Winners List.

Best Popculture Blog


Best Blog from a Journalist – Sponsored by Mamut

Markham Nolan –

Best Food/Drink Blog – Sponsored by Bord Bia

The Daily Spud

Best Fashion Blog – Sponsored by Spinnakerpro

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Pursued by a Bear

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Digital Revolutionaries

Cedar Lounge

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media


Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Justin Mason –

Best Sport and Recreation Blog – Sponsored by

The Kop Blog

Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored by IGO People

Suzy Byrne – Maman Poulet

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by

Trust Tommy

Best Blog of a Business – Sponsored by

The Blacknight Blog

Best Music Blog – Sponsored by


Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Annie Rhiannon

Best Humour Blog – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

The Swearing Lady at Arse End of Ireland

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by

Ryan Whalley –

Best Blog Post – Sponsored by KRO IT Solutions

K8 the GR8: “The Secret Fire”

Grand Prix Prize – Best Blog sponsored by McConnells

Suzy Byrne –


  1. Congrats to all. Sounds like a fantastic night.

  2. Omaniblog says:

    Can you tell me whether it’s true that Irish did not post from July – November 2008 (inclusive)?

    If so, why did you consider this blog eligible for consideration in the Irish Blog awards?

    I’d like to clarify this before I put anything on my blog.

  3. Damien says:

    Paul I’m very disappointed you saw fit to email the winners, I don’t think it is fair on them at all. Public comment or private comment to me as an organiser is fair game but I don’t think nominees or winners should have to suffer.

    The Irish Economy blog was acitively blogging before the cutoff date and so was eligible.

  4. WorldbyStorm says:

    Omaniblog, reading your posts just want to note that I have holidayed in Isaacs in Cork five times in the last eight years… I sort of like Cork and already explained to the organisers why I couldn’t be able to get there this weekend…

    Not sure I buy the idea that blogs have to be operational all 12 months to be suitable… but perhaps not my place to say this either…

  5. WorldbyStorm says:

    And Damien, can I thank you and everyone else involved directly. Something I’m very sorry to miss.

  6. Paul May says:

    Congrats to the winners; definitely a few choices I don’t agree with, but that’s life! Onwards and upwards for Irish bloggers.

  7. Omaniblog says:


    Just to clarify: I didn’t say blogs “have to be operational all 12 months…”

    I said the rules said you had to have blogged from 15 July to 15 December in order to be eligible. Clearly a blog that begins on 2 December 2008 was never eligible to win Best Technical Blog in February 2009. That is my case.

    I’ve made it as best I could, and I now submit it to the judgement of those who won Awards on Saturday. I have a different view from Damien.

  8. Omaniblog says:


    I remember the pursuit of the baggage handlers. I greatly admired how you stuck to your guns…

  9. Fiona says:

    Thanks for a great night Damien – I had a blast. Great bunch of folks, those bloggers!

  10. paul murphy says:

    ‘pursued by a bear’ seems to be another blog that won and has only been going since September ’08. Odd one.

  11. iGaeilge’s acceptance speech/song made me proud to be Irish. Great night, terrible hangover.

    Omaniblog I don’t think your argument is strong enough for the fuss you’re causing…

    Congrats to all the winners!

  12. Joe Scanlon says:

    Great job Damien and all who helped. Congrats to all winners.

  13. KatieCor says:

    Had a brilliant night at iba09 and I don’t even have a blog in the house!
    Well done everyone.

    Any chance of getting the music playlist of the awards published? It was rocking.


  14. Markham says:


    Your blog prevented me from commenting, for some reason, so I’ll post here.

    I have to share Dan’s interpretation of the rules, and was personally delighted to see both Irish Economy and Pursued by a Bear win their categories.

    Your points are not without merit, however, and your interpretation of the rules is also valid and worth debating. However, timing is everything. Perhaps a protest when they were shortlisted, or even longlisted, would have been timely.

    Regardless of your motivations at this stage, it will probably come across as sour grapes.

  15. Annie says:

    Thank you! Am very chuffed to have won a prize. Especially that there is all this apparent “drama” too. I wish it were my category that was causing the fuss — never mind.

    /loves drama

  16. Thanks a million to everyone involved. I’m working up to a proper post about it, I’m still very shocked and delighted. Mostly delighted!

    Congratulations to everyone else too! 🙂

  17. Bohoe says:

    Hi Damien

    First of all, congratulations to everyone for the ’09 awards.
    I couldn’t be there myself, but I have only heard good things about the ceremony and the craic.

    Its a pity i didn’t make it myself as a finalist for the Photo Blog this year, but I will work hard for 2010.
    One thing that I would like to know, and I cant find in this site (perhaps you can send me a link to it?), is what should I do to win. I mean, what is the standard, the official criteria, or the public rules, on which the judges base their decision. Is there any? Could you let me know more about it?

    If you Google ‘blog awards criteria’, you will find what I mean in “The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards”. Even do is not great, at least helps to know what the judges are looking for.


    (been trying to reach you by email for ages, but it seems it aint working)


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