2009 Irish Blog Awards Finalists

Congratulations to those that made it this far, thank you to the judges who broke their melt judging these. On average each blog was judge by 7 judges.

Best Popculture Blog Sponsored by Christmas.ie

Best Blog from a Journalist – Sponsored by Mamut

Best Food/Drink Blog – Sponsored by Bord Bia

Best Fashion Blog – Sponsored by Spinnakerpro

  • dressjunkie.com
  • wow.ie
  • beaut.ie
  • thesexypedestrian.blogspot.com
  • dublinstreets.blogspot.com
  • Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

    Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Digital Revolutionaries

    Best Group Blog – Sponsored by DineToMeet.ie

  • blather.net
  • dublinblog.ie
  • theantiroom.wordpress.com
  • atangledweb.squarespace.com
  • theblogpound.wordpress.com
  • Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media

    Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

    Best Sport and Recreation Blog – Sponsored by Boards.ie

    Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored by IGO People

    Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content

    Best Newcomer – Sponsored by Teamworkpm.net

    Best Blog of a Business – Sponsored by RedCardinal.ie

    Best Music Blog – Sponsored by DownloadMusic.ie

    Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

    Best Humour Blog – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

    Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by Pix.ie

    Best Blog Post – Sponsored by KRO IT Solutions

    Best Blog sponsored by McConnells will be announced on the night and is the Grand Prix prize.


    1. Susan says:

      Congratulations to all who made it: Irish blogging just seems to get better every year, and these are fabulous! Good luck everyone on Saturday, and for all the events between now and then.

    2. Joe Scanlon says:

      Fecking thrilled to have made it onto the best newcomer list. Thanks and best of luck to all above.

    3. Digmo says:

      Congrats to all who made the final. I didn’t make it this year but celebrate even getting long listed. Well do the top 5 tech blogs can’t want to see who comes out on top this year.

    4. Gordon says:

      Congratulations to all the finalists. All great blogs, Google Reader has its work cut out for it.

    5. Grannymar says:

      The excitement goes on! Congrats to all who made the list and thanks to those who judgely huddled to whittle down the numbers.

      The party continues!

    6. Tommy says:

      Thanks and well done to the judges!

    7. Sweary says:

      I have it on good authority that the judges are rides.

      Mulley’s not, though. He’s a flah.

    8. Darragh says:

      Congratulations everyone! Now looking forward to a massive party in Cork!

    9. AC says:

      Hey lads and lassies, congrats to the shortlisters and thanks to the judges and sponsors. We’ll have another crack next year – down but not out…….all the best to the rest

    10. Catherine says:

      Um, the Feb 11th list of blog posts was supposed to have been “the final list before the winner is announced on February 21st in Cork” – what changed?

    11. Honoria says:

      OMG! We’re totally chuffed!! 🙂

    12. Marie says:

      Well done all! It’s going to be an exciting night!

    13. A brilliant showcase of brilliant blogging. Congrats to all. I will be with you at the ceremony in spirits!

      …em, drop the ‘s’.

    14. Thanks, judges, for putting The Anti-Room on the Best Group Blog shortlist! We’re all absolutely delighted. And congratulations to all the other finalists.

    15. steph says:

      Wow! I’m chuffed!

      Big thanks to the judges for their hard work and congrats to all who made it through to the last round!

      To those that didn’t, don’t lose heart. The joy of blogging is bigger than any award.

      Roll-on Cork!

    16. darragh says:

      i am utterly honoured. thanks

    17. ruth crean says:

      I can’t believe I made the final list, it’s so exciting. I’m sad i can’t make it to the awards, but it just means I’ll book my place a whole lot earlier next year. Thanks a million to the judges, and good luck to everyone

    18. Annie says:

      Congrats all!

      Seriously, seriously good blogs up there.

      Have a deadly night 😀

    19. Vic says:

      Well done to all the finalists 🙂

    20. kirstie says:

      Thank you one and all, we are thrilled.

    21. yay!!!! we’re .ie now too:)

    22. Clare says:

      Congrats to everyone! 🙂

    23. Can’t believe I’m on the shortlist, super stoked about this.
      Well done judges and THANKS!

    24. Daily Spud says:

      It’s such an honour for a humble spud – and such good company too! I’m only cursing the bad planning on my part which meant that I didn’t book a spot for the night itself in Cork. So unless I can figure out a last-minute stowaway plan, I’ll just have to be there in spirit 🙂

    25. Congratulations to everyone! I am really looking forward to Saturday night and meeting those of you I read avidly on a daily basis!

    26. Swoon! We’re blushing. Thanks all.

    27. How do you submit your site, or how do the judges find it? I suppose I’ll just have to hope that my físeánbhlag makes it in 2010…

    28. Nice one, I’m well chuffed. Thanks a million..er..whoever.

      best of luck.

    29. Medbh says:

      Now I need to score a last minute ticket over.

    30. Willie Joe says:

      Delighted to have made the shortlist, thanks to everyone involved in organizing and judging on the awards. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to Cork on Friday night but I hope that everyone who does enjoys the bash.

    31. Hangar Queen says:

      I’m amazed. I haven’t got the words to convey how happy I am to be on those shortlists.Actually I have two.

      Thank you.

    32. redmum says:

      I’m bloody delighted 🙂 Well done to everyone.

    33. I’m really pleased as well. I agree with the very first comment that Irish blogging just gets better and better. Thanks to the judges who’ve had a really hard job.
      Has anyone done up a little badge saying ‘finalist’ yet?

    34. Rick says:

      I should have commented earlier 🙂

      I’m thrilled, of course but make no promises to not cry on the off chance I win again.

    35. Old Knudsen says:

      You have bested me again but next year I’ll be so Irish I’ll have red hair and know all the celtic woman songs by heart, oh yes.

    36. Delighted to be on the shortlist – go raibh míle maith agaibh. Devastated not to have a ticket. Wishing everyone a fabulous night – bain sult as!

    37. So, eh, who’s for a pint?

    38. So delighted to be shortlisted and very much looking forward to the weekend.

    39. Chris Judge says:

      So delighted to be shortlisted! Looking forward to it. Thanks.

    40. fústar says:


      Tanks a millions.

    41. Omaniblog says:

      What a magnificent bit of project leadership and management. How about Damien for Head of the reformed Central Bank?

      He has streets more credibility than the lot of them, and I happen to know he’s not one of the names.

    42. Mags says:

      Blogging is a relatively new world to me but I have to say there’s some great ones out there! Congrats to all finalists and winners…

    43. JBBC says:

      Well done to all the finalists and winners!

    44. I am so thrilled to see five of our bloggers from National College of Ireland on the list. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and best of luck on the night.


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