2009 Irish Blog Awards – Longlists

Congrats that made it to the longlists. Be sure to thank the sponsors too who make this whole event possible each year.

Every nominated blog has now been judged and the the longlists are below. For those blog owners who show up in multiple categories you now must choose which category you want to be in when your blog is moved forward into the next round of judging. Send an email to contact < at > awards.ie with the subjectline “Category Choice” and tell us the category you want to be judged in. You will then be removed from the rest when the next round starts. You have until Friday the 6th at 5pm. If you don’t want to make the choice we’ll randomly select one of your categories. As was highlighted during the nomination process, a blog can only be shortlisted/longlisted in one category.

Edit: Use of Irish Language added in to this list, unchanged.

Best Popculture Blog – Sponsored by Bubble Hits

Best Blog from a Journalist – Sponsored by Mamut

Best Food/Drink Blog – Sponsored by Bord Bia

Best Fashion Blog – Sponsored by Spinnakerpro

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Digital Revolutionaries

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by DineToMeet.ie

Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Best Sport and Recreation Blog – Sponsored by Boards.ie

Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored by IGO People

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by Teamworkpm.net

Best Blog of a Business – Sponsored by RedCardinal.ie

Best Music Blog – Sponsored by DownloadMusic.ie

Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Microsoft Ireland’s Developer and Platform Group

Best Humour Blog – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by Pix.ie

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Hilary NY: http://hilaryny.blogspot.com
Corcaighist: http://corcaighist.blogspot.com
An Druma Mór: http://andrumamornuacht.blogspot.com
An Spailpín Fánach: http://spailpin.blogspot.com
Íomhá An Lae: http://iomhannablag.blogspot.com

An Cnagaire: http://ancnagaire.blogspot.com
Talk Irish: http://talkirish.com
Igaeilge: http://igaeilge.wordpress.com
Dialann Scott: http://dialannscott.blogspot.com
Blag Ghael Gan Náire: http://gaelgannaire.blogspot.com


  1. Neil says:


    Must post to blog more regularly in 2009……

  2. Pólo says:

    What about Irish language list?

  3. Ruth Crean says:

    Yey I made the long list, but I don’t know which one to choose, fashion or business…ponder ponder…any suggestions?

  4. Rosemary says:

    Great news, thanks! Doubt I’ll make it to the shortlist but I can keep my fingers crossed…

  5. shane says:

    Hey, this is nice. Well done to Damien (and everyone else) for keeping this award going.

  6. Jett Loe says:

    Yeah! Of course it’s an honour just to be nominated! 🙂

    + this list is a great tool for finding out what’s going on out there – keep up the good work!

    + hope to be able to meet some of ya at the ceremony 🙂

  7. Concubhar says:

    Speaking for those on the Irish Language Blog Awards list, I wonder whether there will be a ‘long list’, ‘short list’ or not? If so, when? If not, why not?

  8. DigMo says:

    Hi all, very happy to be nominated and even happier to make the long list. I appreciate all the efforts in running this competition.

  9. Damien says:

    Concubhar if you could let all your people know that since there were so little nominations for your people’s category, they all are on a very short longlist.

  10. Pólo says:

    Thought that might be the case. Arithmetic is the same in any language.

    Beir bua (má thuigeann tú mé) 🙂

  11. Point taken, Damien. I am well aware of the loneliness of the Irish language blogger. There are more bloggers coming forward with Irish language blogs or the use of Irish in their blogs – and that’s something which hopefully will be built on. However something similar happened wrt the Web Awards – there was no Irish language shortlist. So I was merely putting the question.
    I have to say that I am grateful to yourself, Damien, for the effort you put into this competition and if there’s any way I can help in future, to encourage other Irish language bloggers to come forward and be nominated, or whatever, I will do so with a heart and a half. The sponsors – Edgecast Media [Conn Ó Múineacháin] – also – thanks.

  12. Barbara S says:

    Jaysus, I didn’t even know it was on till I got the round up from Poetry Ireland… a lot of Irish lit bloggers that should be in this list… oh well, there’s always next year!

  13. Once again, I’m about a week behind on checking this thing. But there I am, on the long list. I’m (just a little bit) thrilled.

  14. Joe says:

    Thanks to the judges for putting us forward on both newcomer and music longlists, much appreciated.

  15. jennismortal says:

    Thanks guys, charmed to meet ye. Twas a great night all round.


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