Last day for 09 nominations / Venue is booked out

Today is the last day (few hours in fact) to nominate blogs for the 2009 Blog Awards. If you haven’t seen the 100s of mentions of it in the past few weeks well now is your last opportunity.

In addition, we opened up registrations for the event itself well before Christmas and we are now booked out. Not even standing room is left. There is room in the hotel itself to cater for a few hundred more people but the conference hall where the ceremony is on cannot hold any more people. You can still add yourself to the waiting list but there is no guarantee you will be accomodated.

Once nominations close, we’ll be releasing the list of nominees and then each nomination will be examined, then a short list will be brought out. Then the winners will be announced on the 21st of February.


  1. Jason says:

    I never received the verification email for submissions made yesterday. Is it possible to verify they were received? Did you have a bug?

    – disappointed

  2. Enda says:

    Ditto to comment above – no verification received :-((

  3. damn, I’m too late 🙁