O2 Blog Post of the month for November 08 – Make your own hope

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Fergal Crehan on the post-Obama party and what it means to Irish Politics. It’s a war cry, so who’ll take up the challenge?

Waiting around for an Obama is a terrible idea both in principle and in practice. In principle, because it’s undemocratic and lazy and contributes to a degraded civic life, where nobody is willing to take responsibility for the condition of their own country. In practice, because Barack Obama became the man he is through his involvement in politics. He was not beamed down into the US Senate a fully formed leader, but became one through years of hard, dull and often unrewarding political effort.


  1. Grannymar says:

    Well done to Fergal on Blog of the Month.

    It is a long journey fro local council to the Dail, not many want to take the (at times) thankless challenge.

  2. Darragh says:

    well done Ferghal. First time reading the post, fired a lot of ideas up! Congrats on the award.

    The point of how Obama got to be Obama is a good one, well made.

  3. Cathal Breathnach says:

    Does anyone know when will the nominations for the 2009 awards be announced?


  4. Barry says:

    Congrats to Fergal! Great blog post.

  5. Cathal Breathnach says:

    Can you tell me Damien?

  6. steph says:

    @ Cathal

    I’m at a loss as to why anyone might need to know???

    @ Damien

    Spot-on! 😉

    @ Fergal


  7. Fergal says:

    Huzzah! I’d like to thank the Academy for believing in me, for showing all the young kids out there that you can make it if you only believe in yourself enough, and most of all for giving me a badly needed new phone. Where do I collect it?

  8. Simon McGarr says:

    No new phone for you unless you bow to the acceptance speech tradition and thank God. Indicating that you have been given special treatment by ‘the man up there’ will be an acceptable alternative wording.

  9. fustar says:

    So that’s where you were last night? Playing with your new phone? Tsk…

    Congratulations on the win. Well deserved. You had my vote.