A proper thank you

In no particular order I’d like to thank the following people who put in a lot of effort to make the Blog Awards happen. They have made it the best Blog Awards ever and just added more pressure to make “Blog Awards 4: Blog Harder” even better again. This is the number of people that a humble awards like the Blog Awards needs to get it to work. And all voluntary!

Rick O’Shea
Ryan Whalley and Sandy
Suzy Byrne and Karen
Steven Day
Jonathan Day
Alexia Golez
Klara Golez
John Blackbourn
Stephen Boyce
Elly Parker
Red Mum and Deargh
Brian Greene
Jason Roe
Kath from PutPlace
Joe from PutPlace
Catherine and Conor O’Neill
Twenty Major
John Williams
Elana Kehoe for all her previous Blog Awards work and Brendan for the Sushi!

I know a lot of people have given thanks here and on other blogs but a good way of doing so for these folks is to subscribe to their above blogs or visit them all on a regular basis. They’re champions. Another post will thank the sponsors.

Grannymar made an excellent point in her acceptance speech about comments being the lifeblood of blogs. Do try and leave comments and encourage those that you read.


  1. McAWilliams says:

    Hey Damien When did I become Twenty Major, Does he know! will he be around with a bat now I have taken his identity?

  2. Damien says:

    Sorry Twenty, fixed now so the secret is safe.

  3. Shane H says:

    It was a brilliant night. Cheers everyone.

  4. Grannymar says:

    You forgot someone on that list! I think his name is —–

    Want a clue? WWMD

    Why of course it is D A M I E N!