Judges wanted for the Blog Awards – Lots and lots of judges

We need a lot of judges this year since every blog submitted is going to be judged in the first round. By a lot, we’re talking 100+ as so far over 500 individual blogs have been nominated by over 370 people. By the time nominations close we could be talking about 1000 blogs in the mix. If you want to be a judge then please send an email to IrishAwards < at > Gmail.com stating why you’d like to be a judge. Better still, why not also blog about why you want to be a judge?

Naturally you will agree that you’ll recuse yourself from judging any blog you are linked to in a professional/personal capacity i.e. No judging your company blog or your husband/boyfriend’s blog and you must inform us of any linkages to blogs that could be nominated.

Update: Just so you know, I will mail everyone that’s applied so far on the 19th


  1. Dermot says:


    give me a shout re: Judges. I’ll blog on this later. Might as well do something productive while reading posts 🙂


  2. Johnny says:

    I can help if you wish.

  3. Roisin Tierney-Crowe says:

    I have the perfect candidate – drop me a line and I’ll tell you more..
    Hope all is well,

  4. Joe says:

    I’ll do a few too

  5. Colin says:

    I would be interested in judging.

    Also how to enter?

  6. VOLUNTEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. red mum says:

    Count me in too.

  8. Roseanne says:

    I might be able to help with the Irish Language. Cuir r-phost chugam!

  9. Hello,

    I am a managing director of a Search Engine Optimisation Company, called Bagra Ltd, operating in Dublin. I would like to apply as a judge for the Irish Blog Awards.


  10. Not sure if you did mail out on the 19th …

  11. Damien says:

    I got all your mails! Just waiting to get more people before I mail you all.

  12. Roseanne says:

    […]Tá m’ainm curtha síos agam mar mholtóir do BlagDuaiseanna na bliana seo.[…]

  13. blankpaige says:

    Damien, I’d be happy to help with review/judging process if you still need assistance and I can contribute during anti-social hours!

  14. I’d be happy to help, hope I’m not too late.


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