Blog Post of the Week – Sponsorship wanted

I’m looking to get some sponsorship for a new section on this website. Each week people will be able to nominate a blog post to be “Blog post of the week” and they’ll win an Amazon voucher or something like that. If any company is interested in sponsorship, let me know.

Email is: IrishAwards ( at )

More details:
There are now well over 2000 Irish blogs, with the number possibly over 3000 blogs. The Best Blog Post will feed into the Irish Blog Awards 2008. It is designed to keep people thinking about the Blog Awards but also as a way of promoting quality blogging.

There will be a nomination form on the Awards website which will allow anyone to nominate a blog post. The winner will be announced on the Blog Awards site each week and the winner is encouraged to display the Blog Post Winner badge link back to the blog post.

Currently the Blog Awards website gets about 2000 unique visitors a month but closer to the Blog Awards event, it gets a lot more visits. In February this year it had 13,575 unique visitors for the month.

Sponsorship for this would start in September and would end just after the Blog Awards 2008. This is a long-term sponsorship commitment.


  1. Mark d'Alton says:


    Might be interested – depending on how much required of course! Would certainly supply a bottle of excellent vino or two for the winner. Let me know what would be involved……



  2. Hi,

    Interested also.



  3. Omaniblog says:


    I just want to say I think this is a really good idea. It adds a new dimension. It’ll be great to see what it looks like after the first ten weeks.

  4. Vince says:

    Sounds like something I might be interested in sponsoring too.
    Whats involved?



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