A quick thanks before a proper thank you

Sitting in a net cafe before leaving Dublin to head home. Thank you to everyone that turned up, thank you to all those who helped out on the night, you made it a great event. Thanks to everyone that blogs and blogs with passion. Over €1500 was collected for Brainwave – The Irish Epilepsy Association. Nice one.

A good night I think was had by all. Huge huge apologies to Dave Walsh from Blather.net who arranged a video linkup to the Greenpeace ship he was on. We had hoped he’d present an Award but tech issues on our side meant it didn’t happen. Maybe next time?


  1. And thanks to you too for making such a huge effort.

  2. Hi Damien,

    thanks go to you. A really well organised event, and one that both Paul and I from iQ Content were delighted to be a part of. Had a great time, and got to talk to some very cool and interesting people.