New Blogs on the Block – Feb 26th 2007

2007 – Time for Change

Everything contained in this blog are facts from Government reports, State Agencies and the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Mark’s photo blog. Some nice photos from Galway and beyond. Hard to find out more info about the owner. 🙂

Wells for Zoë blurb:

Wells for Zoë is dedicated to the provision of safe drinking water and water storage for irrigation in four remote rural areas of Malawi. Set up in 2005, Wells for Zoë concentrates on low cost, small scale, appropriate and sustainable water technology.

Mark Garavan’s blog. Dr Mark Garavan is a native of Castlebar, Co. Mayo, is spokesman for the Shell-to-Sea campaign and will be contesting the forthcoming Seanad Éireann elections in the NUI constituency.


  1. joy says:

    for a new Irish blog that will help any gossip addicts feed their unhealthy addiction check out

  2. Mark says:

    Hey, I’m Mark and the owner of Not sure if it’s really relevant now or not, but hey. :]

  3. john says:

    Changed three lines to bt & they lost one.
    the cost was about 25% dearer than eircom for calls.
    changed back to eircom.
    eircom sucks but bt is worse.
    both company’s customer services are incompetentent.:-).