Seoige and O’Shea – The Irish Blog Awards – Tomorrow

Seoige and O’Shea will be doing a piece on the Irish Blog Awards tomorrow afternoon. 1630 on RTE 1. Tune in and see some nominees. I heard Twenty was asked to go and he accepted. But they’ll be blurring his face and changing his voice to make him sound like he’s from Ardee. Una of the rocking Una will be there along with Sinéad Gleeson and possibly Simon McGarr. So nominees, I expect y’all to be dressed up with those “Vote for me” type confirmation rosettes that politicians wear on their lapels.

Update: The Video


  1. Twenty Major says:

    Lies, lies and more lies. They’ll make me sound like I’m from Carrickmacross.

  2. Adam says:

    OK – fuck the award yokey, NOW I’m annoyed I didn’t make the shortlist.

    It’s delayed my chance at being in the same room as the lovely Gráinne.

    Damn you all to hell!!!! 😀

  3. Twenty Major says:

    She’s a married woman, Adam. How dare you even consider leading her down an adulterous path. She’s no Claire Byrne, you know.

  4. Sinéad says:

    Cripes. I’ve been on S&S before talking about films/music, but it’s a whole different bag of scrabble tiles when you’re talking about yourself. Eek.

  5. McAWilliams says:

    Jesh no one from the photography category, I wonder why!!! maybe cause we would all be taking shots of the set etc rather then wanting to be interviewed 😀

  6. Dan Sullivan says:

    Any chance they’d show one of the veedayoohs? That would be sweet. My guess would be Minister Potato Man might be up! I’ll set the SkyPlus box to make it a keeper so.

    Anyway, none of the Seoige’s is a Lisa Burke in my book.

  7. Adam says:

    She’s a married woman, Adam. How dare you even consider leading her down an adulterous path. She’s no Claire Byrne, you know.

    Hey – I never said I’d do anything… not unless she asked nicely 😀 – and sure I’m in a long-term relationship too – she’d be the one leading me astray!

  8. Damien says:

    Jesus people, have you nothing better to do all day than blog? Oh yeah. Nevermind.

  9. kirstie says:

    Oooh! Good luck folks! I shall try and sneakily tune in from work

  10. Bastards! I shall be watching whilst muttering and sticking pins into my Seoige doll.

  11. Ken McGuire says:

    Damn two people from the music category getting on national TV, and damn them for doing so with Grainne Seoige!

  12. squid says:

    Is this programme repeated in the small hours, I shall be working at the time, so if it is repeated let me know please.

  13. Cookies says:

    It’s repeated the next morning: 9.15am or 9.30am, so you can catch it Friday

  14. Simon McGarr says:

    As Micro-McGarr’s arrival has been postponed, I will also be there. According to the researcher, Una is the Music talking person, Sinead is the Artsy one and I’m to be the Political one.

    The segment is a 12 minute slot, near the start of the show at 4.30. That gives us all three questions with 50 second answers each, I’m told.

    I’m already struggling to boil my usual hour of babble into a sentence. Dan, is there any way of getting that Sky + footage out and onto computer if you succeed.

  15. fústar says:

    It’s at times like this that I wish that a) I had access to TV, and, b) I wasn’t working (I wish this most days, admittedly).

    I’m sure you’ll do “us” proud gang. I’ll get someone to tape it though I may not watch the results. The glittery, sensual surface that is daytime TV might over-excite me. I’m quite sensitive…

  16. Simon McGarr says:

    I have been promised an hour in make up. With that kind of slap going on, Twenty Major could arrive, do a live cooking demonstration, discuss his new novel set in the Midlands, shoot a presenter based on the roll of a die and still not be recognised.

  17. Twenty Major says:

    I wouldn’t share my culinary secrets, Simon.

  18. Niall says:

    Do us all proud fellow bloggers! Get wildly aggressive and worked up and start spouting nonsense while changing your stance on things every 20 seconds.

    You know show them what blogging is all about! 😉

  19. caitriona says:

    good luck peeps!

    any chance of someone taping it and throwing it up on youtube?

  20. lauranen says:

    The show isn’t broadcast in the web either 🙁 It would be brilliant to see it in YouTube later.

  21. Niall says:

    I’m sure somebody’s got a capture card, i’d do it but i’m wurkin’

  22. What is “television”?

    Can somebody please out this on the internet, thanks.

  23. Dan Sullivan says:

    I don’t have a cature card but could probably just point the digicam at the box. However, I’m not sure how RTe would be able all this and I have to be careful as I’m hearing on the bush telegraph that the UL marketing department are after me, for of all things, posting an ad they did. Yep college seeks to clap down on publicity for advertisement!

  24. Red Mum says:

    I managed to film it and will post it up shortly. Will let you all know

  25. Red Mum says:

    They were very good by the way, well done Sinead, Simon and Una!

  26. fatmammycat says:

    Eeeee, it’s all very exciting. I hope there’s some kind of brawl. Hell, I might start one myself. Good luck everyone!

  27. Red Mum says:

    Right I managed finally to upload it. you’ll be able to see it here in a while, it hasn’t finished being processed as I post this.

  28. caitriona says:

    woo hoo… fast work red mum, good stuff!

  29. Dan Sullivan says:

    Watched it when I got home, it was great to see folks that don’t lead themselves to the nerdy stereotype (I’ve got that side of things covered). Well done!

    Though a name drop when ye were asked if there were politicians blogging would have earned someone a pint from yours truly. Still, it was all good.

  30. Thank you Red Mum, so THAT’S what a television is.

    Good stuff all of you, well done.

  31. redmum says:

    LOL Annie, I ensured I filmed the whole telly to give you the proper and full experience 😉

  32. UnaRocks says:

    I am so proud of myself for not sneezing in Grainne’s face.

    Una McFlu

  33. Rick says:

    Tease. That would have made for far more entertaining television!!!! 😉

    Sorry I couldn’t come out to play – activities for little ones on midterm put the kibosh on that but I HATE being on the box so maybe better 🙂

    Yiz were all great…

  34. Colm says:

    Does that mean we shouldn’t back you at Paddy Power’s to take over from Pat Kenny as host of the Late Late Show?

  35. damienWII says:

    hello from my wii

  36. Tom says:

    Fair play to yiz folks, very articulate championing of the cause!

  37. kirstie says:

    there was mention of the blog awards in Saturday’s Times mag, by the way


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