2007 Irish Blog Awards Short list – Congrats to all

Best Blog – Sponsored by BT Ireland

Best Blog Post- Sponsored by Hosting365

Most Humorous Post – Sponsored by Beecher Networks

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by Pixenate.com – The online photo editor

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Poetry Ireland

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by Technofutures

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by PutPlace.com

Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Interactions – Creative Strategies for Business

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by Edgecast Media

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere – Sponsored by FirstPartners.net

Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Best Designed Blog – Sponsored by Equisoft

Best Sport & Recreation Blog – Sponsored by Boards.ie

Best News/Current Affairs Blog – Sponsored by the Sunday Tribune

Best Specialist Blog – Sponsored by iQ Content Ltd

Best Newcomer – Sponsored by Edelman

Best Business Blog – Sponsored by logic+intuition

Best Music Blog – Sponsored by Clubbing.ie

Best Podcaster – Sponsored by Microsoft

Best Podcast – Sponsored by Newsletter.ie

Best Videocast – Sponsored by Cork Internet eXchange


  1. Rick says:

    Not that I was sitting here endlessly pressing reload you understand…

  2. Ronan says:

    who would do such a thing!

  3. annette says:

    Congratulations to everyone who made it to the shortlist – look forward to seeing you all at the “do”.

  4. kirstie says:

    oh not me. oh no no no

  5. kav says:

    Congrats to those who made the shortlist. Great to see many of the blogs I voted for in there.

  6. McAWilliams says:

    Congrats to all the shortlisted, nice to see some new names in there aswell

  7. Dan Sullivan says:

    Hurray, now to find out where to leave the bribes…

  8. fústar says:

    Thanks to all who voted for me. I was (secretly) hoping for the unlikely Sports/Arts double whammy so am chuffed. Well done to the infactah lads for the same feat.

    Delighted about the design nomination too as that is entirely the work of my beautiful wife. Thanks Jess!

    Well done to all other shortlisters. See you on the night.

  9. aphrodite says:

    See you there guys! Delighted!

  10. Tom says:

    Thanks to all how voted for me too, and congrats to all nominees. Looking forward to dusting the mothballs off my disco-lapelled velure tuxedo.

  11. omaniblog says:

    The people have spoken… Long live the people…

    I’m delighted to see many blogs I’ve never heard of. There won’t be another pint drunk in this house until I understand the people’s voice.

  12. I would be lepping about the place, only I have a fierce headache.

    Congrats to everyone!

  13. 2 of the 5 business blog links not not working.

    Getting a WordPress error for http://www.askdirect.ie and the bhconsulting needs to point to http://bhconsulting.blogs365.org/wordpress/

    Well done to all.


  14. Congrats to all on the shortlist. Looking forward to the night.

  15. Keith,

    ask direct should be working fine. I’ve just checked again and both of the links are working.

  16. Damien says:

    Fixed the links, thanks Keith. Damian http://askdirect.ie does not resolve.

  17. grannymar says:

    Just scraped myself up off the floor!

    Thats what I get for doing a favour 😉

    Well done Damien & Jason for all the reading and checking. Hope you are not cross eyed by now.

    Congradulations to all the finalists and for all those who didn’t make it this time,remember there is always next year.

    Now where did I put that bike?

  18. GRMA to everyone who voted for me and to everyone who is helping to organise the event

  19. Damien, it’s working for me (the link from this site). There doesn’t seem to be any problems that I can see….

  20. Can you guarantee anonymity? This is very important

  21. Twenty Major says:

    Bock, there’s a darkened booth for you to sit in and they can distort your voice.

  22. Twenty

    I already have a badly distorted voice due to a childhood accident.

  23. kav says:

    Damien, you mentioned there’d be shocks. Can you elaborate on that? Just curious, because nothing sprang out at me when I was going through the list.

  24. Twenty Major says:

    I already have a badly distorted voice due to a childhood accident.

    Then they’ll make you sound normal.

  25. They’ll make me sound like Lorraine Keane.

  26. Twenty Major says:

    There’s no amount of hi-tech audio equipment to make you sound that much of a cunt.

  27. They’ll make me say sangth-banged on the rangd-abangt. I’m afraid of their technology.

  28. fústar says:

    Minor point Damien. Would you mind (when you’ve time) changing “Fustar’s World Cup” to “Fustar’s World of World Cup Wonders”? It may be a mouthful of a title but it was deliberately chosen to sound clumsily alliterative. Cheers boss.

  29. Huzzah, thanks to all who voted for me. Disppointed “my cousin” didn’t get through, however, I have to say.

  30. Sinéad says:

    What a great shortlist!
    Delighted to be on it and in such good company. Best Blog is very tough, so many quality blogs in there so best of luck to all the worthy nominees.

    Damien, thanks again for all your hard work on this. You’re a ledge (und).

  31. Congrats to all and I wish all the short listed the best of luck.

    On a technical note and considering they keep saying they are not a blog how has Blogorrah been shortlisted in so many categories. I mean they are the ones shouting out we are no a blog but an online publication. Its a bit like shortlisting Ireland.com .

  32. Anne Onne says:

    You’re being unfair macdara. You underestimate how difficult it is to post pictures of so called celebs then think of a smart comment to put underneath.

  33. Kieran says:

    Thanks for all of your hard work! Delighted to be on the list…

  34. […]Bheul b’fhéidir go bhfuil daoine ann nach creideann go bhfuil blagadóireacht leath chomh tábhachtach leis an saol readúil agus an Olltoghchán atá ag teacht aníos ach is é an 3 Márta AN dáta sa mBlagchruinne agus is lá mór don Ghaeilge é mar tá catagóir ar leith don Ghaeilge. Fógraíodh an ghearrliosta inné[…]

  35. style treaty says:

    I just want to say thanks to the organisers, it’s a great thing to and fair play to you for taking the time and making the effort. Can’t wait for the night now!!

  36. Jobs Ireland says:

    No Property and no Recruitment category? Is it simple because both industries have not realsed ‘The Power of Blog’ jet? 🙂

  37. Niall says:

    Quelle surprise!

    Great to be shortlisted!

    Kudos to Damien and Jason for all their hard work! 🙂

  38. Feebee says:

    Wow! Thanks everyone.

  39. KopBlog says:

    It was a very pleasant surprise to find myself on the shortlist for best sport/recreational, alongside some other great blogs. Good luck to everybody and many thanks.

  40. Donagh says:

    I’m still trying to absorb this. Thanks to everyone who voted for DO and to Damien and Jason for their all their hard work. Congrats to the shortlisted and for those who didn’t make, don’t worry, you’re in excellent company.

  41. JC Skinner says:

    Congrats to all who made the shortlist.

  42. John says:

    Hi Damien,
    Thanks again for all the effort you’ve put into this thing – great job on everything. Wouldn’t pay no mind to the folks bitching about the shortlist – I’m amazed people are blaming The Awards for not making the shortlist, rather than their own feckless viewers for not voting for them. As that rejected US politician once said,” The people have spoken – the bastards”.


  43. caitriona says:

    i’ve thrown together some statistics about the 2007 shortlist here: http://caitriona.net/c/irish_blog_awards_2007_stats.php – originally coz i was curious about the number of male to female shortlistees, but extended to include the number of categories people were shortlisted in and whether a blog is by an individual or group.

  44. Damien says:

    Stat porn, yarrrrr.

  45. prelubodey says:

    Thank’s the site owners

  46. oide says:

    Still no education category!

  47. Kevin says:

    Being an Irish Citizen, I had no idea there were so many Irish bloggers out there.

    Thanks for the huge list and congrats everyone!

  48. Marie Mc Crum says:

    hi really enjoyed reading the winning blogs and the comments.
    How do I enter my own blog for any future awards?would appreciate an answer as I am at a loss as to how people actually find a blog apart from personally telling them my blog addy

  49. Nay says:

    There sure are some big hitters there! Congrats to everyone who made the shortlists 🙂

    Now the tenterhooks will really set in…

  50. Niall Devitt says:

    Congrats to the winners and everyone that made up the shortlists. I have just recently lost my blogging virginity so hoping to fill my knowledge void from reading and learning from all these wonderful blogs and people.


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