1100 people have voted so far

That’s right. 3 days of voting left and we’ve logged 1100 votes so far. If the voting patterns do not change as the week goes on then I think we’re in for some major shocks. Phone a friend, talk to the local media, leaflet your neighbourhood, guerilla market, but get the public out to vote for you. But remember one vote per person!


  1. Dan Sullivan says:

    The Limerick Chronicle has covered some of the local chancers and me!

  2. Well its was nice to get on the long list anyway … good luck to everyone…

  3. alice forberg says:


    1100 people have voted so far or 11000?

  4. Gavin says:

    I’m getting a lot of people telling me they have already voted/nominated. I don’t think they realize/understand why there are two rounds. Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been many votes?

  5. PaddyC says:

    Yaargh! Sorry to change the subject, but what a time to be having techie issues!!

    I’m using blogger, and page elements like the won’t display in IE.. but everything looks fine in Mozilla… kind of makes things the yoke look crappy(er) for IE users!

    Can anyone offer any advice?


  6. PaddyC says:

    Please ignore previous comment. All fixed now and you’ll be unsurprised to hear it was a ‘user education’ problem…



  7. The sooner everybody stops using IE and downloads the free and entirely beautiful Firefox the better.

  8. Declan says:

    1100 voters. Hmmm, out of curiosity, how many people will the hall hold? Can we book tickets?

  9. omaniblog says:

    This time last year, how many people had voted?

  10. omaniblog says:

    Omaniblog would be astonished if “From Bath to Cork with Baby Grace” made it through to the next stage. Actually “Major Shock” would be more apt.

    If there is going to be a “major shock”, that doesn’t mean Omaniblog will get through, does it?

    Logic was what they did in the other class…

  11. Mr T says:

    One man a few hours of voting left. Please help me rigg the Irish Blog Awards vote.
    Goto http://awards.ie/vote
    and vote
    Best Newcomer


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