Best Blog – Sponsorship slot now open

20 days to go. As you may be aware all sponsorship slots apart from Best Blog Post have been filled.

Edit: I meant Best Blog. Best Blog Post is sponsored by Hosting365. Apoligies.

There has been a considerable amount of interest in the Best Blog slot and the slot will be given away in a private auction. Minimum bid is 500 euros for this auction. One bid per person/group only.

If you are interested then email your bid along with who your company is to IrishAwards < at >
The Blog Awards do have the right to refuse your bid for whatever crazy notions we have. And we have lots.

What’s in it for the winner?
It is the biggest overall prize on the night. The last prize on the night. Your company will be associated with that and you will be pictured with the winner after they win their prize*.

Your name and logo will be on the sponsors page. The sponsors for 2007 will be displayed on the site until the next blog awards buildup.

On the night of the event you or your representative will be pictured with the award winner for the category that you sponsored. You or your representative will be on the left of the photo.

*Please note that the sponsors do not present the award to the winner on the stage. That’s a sponsor free zone. You will be pictured with the winner/winners to the side of the stage.


  1. It seems BalconyTV has been overlooked in the Irish Blog Awards. Mind you, only just found out about the awards.

    Best Music Website
    Digital Media Awards

  2. Damien says:

    Yeah, it seemed hardly anyone knew about the Blog Awards what with only 3000 people nominating blogs.

    As for the “overlooked” comment, best try and take that issue up with all the people who did not nominate you This is a free and public nomination process. Anyone can nominate anyone else.

  3. Red Mum says:

    They were kinda hard to miss!

  4. How did I miss this, seems we’ve also been over looked or nobody looks at the site. Ah well maybe next year…best of luck to everybody

  5. bernard says:

    It seems BalconyTV has been overlooked in the Irish Blog Awards.

    Well, if anyone wants a “Worst use of a free (read shitty) Web2.0 service, and not saving your mastercopies”, I’ll offer to sponsor it.

    Dood, that is soo stupid. Even Jesus saves.


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