Blog Awards Feed updated

The feed for the Blog Awards has been updated and now goes via Feedburner. Hopefully there should not be an outage. Don’t forget to subscribe to it in an RSS reader or via email, if you want to keep up to date on what’s happening on this site.


  1. I guess I’m one of your 6 readers! Seems to have been no problem with the feed transfer…

  2. Grandad says:

    Except that it suddenly showed up 10 old posts as being unread in Google Reader!!!

  3. Now, shall I subscribe to the feed? Hmm… I’ll have to ponder this overnight I think.

    To my senior namesake – normal behaviour when you subscribe to G Reader is to show you the feed with the last ten entries marked as unread.

  4. Grandad says:

    I presume when you refer to “senior namesake” you mean me? [Are you Junior Grandad?]
    I had already subscribed – ages ago. I’m a faithful old goat. All the posts were marked as read. But suddenly the last ten popped up as unread again.

  5. Junior Grandad. Bloody hell. I hope not or I might have some serious explaining to do to the missus.

    Must be a Google Reader bug I guess.


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