and the 2007 categories are…

21 categories. That’s big enough for this year. Pointless getting too big too quickly. Two old ones dropped – “Comment” and “Fictional Piece” and a few new ones added. To get a category I decided to see could there be at least 12 nominees per category and if not, then no dedicated cateogry. However a new category for specialist blogs has been created for those that want inclusion for their Best Yellow Banjo blog etc. We’ll be taking a gamble with Videocast. How many videocasts have been stuck on Irish blogs? Hopefully the Votetube project will help that along. Two podcast categories. Best Podcast which is for the best single podcast. I’m sure this is going to be a tough one to judge. Then Best Podcaster which will consider the whole body of work from a Podcaster/Podcasting Group.

So get thinking who you’d like to nominate for these categories. More news about the sponsorship structure and the nomination process to follow. Nominations are not open just yet.

* Best Blog
* Best Blog Post
* Most Humorous Post
* Best Photo Blog
* Best Arts and Culture Blog
* Best Political Blog
* Best Group Blog

* Best Personal Blog
* Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog
* Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere
* Best Technology Blog/Blogger

* Best Designed Blog
* Best Sport & Recreation Blog
* Best News/Current Affairs Blog
* Best Specialist Blog

* Best Newcomer
* Best Business Blog
* Best Music Blog

* Best Podcast
* Best Podcaster
* Best videocast


  1. Kevin Doran says:

    New. Just curious about what makes a blog Irish, in terms of expats and those who are half-Irish and may have co-habited.

  2. Damien says:

    Kevin, if you answer a “yes” to “is your blog an Irish Blog?” then that about works.

  3. NewsWire says:

    how long do you have to be a blogger until your not a newcomer anymore?

  4. Damien says:

    Newcomer is anyone who wasn’t blogging around the time of the last blog awards.

  5. NewsWire says:

    ah yes..cheers for that

  6. 4Basra says:

    Disappointed to see there’s no charity blog category….

  7. Rosie says:

    hey, can you tell me what the criteria is for the best use of the irish language award? i’m writing a proposal for something similar to be included in the annual Oireachtas literary competition, i’d be interested to know how you went about it…


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