New Category Suggestions for the 2007 Awards so far

Edit: Slightly modified this post as it appeared I was going ahead with the below suggested categories. Nothing has been decided yet.

From the comments on this post there have been about 13 additional categories suggested. These are:

  • Best Female Blog
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Parenting/Family Blog
  • Best Designed Blog
  • Best Sport & Recreation Blog
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best New Oldperson
  • Best News/Current Affairs Blog
  • Best Education Blog
  • Blog with the best interface and most useful features
  • Best Niche Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Charity Blog

Have I left any out? Suggest more if you like. No decision will be made on these yet but I would like opinions on whether an additional 13 or so on to a list of 18 already is enough or too many? Are 30 categories too many? We had 13 last time for the awards. That’s going to be a lot more acceptance speeches compared to last year.

In regards to suggesting a category, I would much rather seeing a category being formed if there at least 10 blogs that would qualify to be in this category. That way we can at least see some competition from the long list to short list section.


  1. Grandad says:

    “Best New Oldperson”

    Oh good! I might stand a chance then. But I’ll forget to enter, the memory being what it is……….

    Trouble is, I doubt if there are 10 of us around?

  2. Damien says:

    and then there’ll be 9 and 8 and 7

  3. danger says:

    Best Female Blog? Then there has to be Best Male Blog. Seems like needless segregation to me. What’s a Lifestyle blog? And Best Niche Blog… that could include all the other food/parenting etc. ones in an umbrella category …if you start breaking it down so much then you’re just going to end up giving out awards to everyone there.

    And the Best Designed Blog will have the best interface and most useful features …

  4. kirstie says:

    Oh I suggested Lifestyle, which is a gank americanised term for all and anything to do with ‘lifestyles’ -stuff like shoes, shopping, cooking, knitting, houses and gardens, fashion, beauty, gadgets. Obviously those things fit well into other categories too but for the purpose of defining an umbrella term for an award, I thought it might be appropriate.

  5. As an alternative to “Lifestyle”, maybe use “Life, eh?”

  6. Much as I’d like to see a Best Charity Blog, there probably isn’t enough of them around yet to justify a category.

    And I’d agree that best niche blog could cover a lot of the other categories.

  7. Pádraig says:

    How about ‘best irish language podcast’?

  8. an seanchai says:

    Best Regional Blog category?


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