Hello Fanning Show Listeners

Hi to everyone listening in to Dave’s show!


  1. ryan says:

    D’oh, forgot all about it.. is the piece finished already?

  2. redmum says:

    It hasnt started yet at 6.30

  3. ryan says:

    groovy, cheers

  4. Colm says:

    Bring-back-Glenroe demonstrators have hijacked the show by the sounds of things.

  5. Damien says:


  6. ryan says:

    Geez Damien, I thought you’d be on longer for that.. .Actually, Im surprised you werent in the studio…

  7. simon says:

    well done. This Blog awards really is getting the blogosphere noticed. How long before one of us on the Dossing Times (or any blogger I think Mick Fealt is the evens favourite (excluding the journo blogers) gets on Questions and Answers. 🙂

    But well done with it all. Is it to late to add the blog awards as a nominie for best contribution at the blog awards.

  8. fústar says:

    Hmmm…can’t say I liked the suggestion that certain bloggers are simply wannabe ‘Mainstream Media’ journalists waiting to be discovered, and legitimised, by the print media etc.

    Otherwise, fair play to Rick and (particularly) Damien in the face of a quick-fire Fanning style that tended to treat the whole thing as a bit of a nerdy joke.

    Surely we (whoever ‘we’ are) don’t need the ‘approval’ of our mainstream media overlords? Are we not offering an alternative, rather than an amateur form of the same thing?

    Apologies for my crankiness…

  9. Damien says:

    Ryan: Didn’t matter if I was on or not, the Awards itself got plugged numerous times which is the important thing.

    Simon: Soon enough I should think.

  10. simon says:

    Are we not offering an alternative, rather than an amateur form of the same thing?

    That is the big question.

  11. Damien says:

    I think this medium is the training ground for a lot new media stars, but maybe not this notion of “mainstream media”. New stars for new media. Anyone from here that goes into the “mainstream” will probably be the ones to disrupt it and change it. We’re already influencing it and we’ll do so more and more and the quality control and other positive things in the current media will influence us.

  12. fústar says:


    I probably sound like an awful killjoy, but I decided to keep the debate going on my blog.


    Just something I wanted to get off my chest…I don’t know if it means much to anyone else, but at such a period of exposure I thought the points might be worth making.

    See you on the morrow.

    P.S: I like your glasses!