Irish Blog Awards – Short List

Best Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by

The El Paso Times
Letter to America
Sinead Gleeson
Twenty Major

Best Blog Post – Sponsored by

Lebanon an Irish Experience through the bottom of a glass – Mistaken identity or accurate stereotype
JL Pagano – ní thosaímid an tine
Rymus – Fecking Driving Test
Sin̩ad Gleeson РAnatomy is Destiny
Twenty Major – New York Diary

Most Humorous Post – Sponsored by BEECHER.NET

Gizmo’s (Non)sense – Don’t turn it off!!!
Lunchtime, Poetry and Pain. – Buff the Wand, Lara!
Sarah Carey – Councillors don’t eat rice
Twenty Major – New York Diary
Twenty Major – My First Pint

Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by Imagefile Ireland
Iced Coffee
Letter to America
In Photos
North Atlantic Skyline

Best Fictional Piece in a Blog – Sponsored by

Dermod Moore – faithache
Old Rotten Hat – The Ballade Of Findus of the Crispypancakes
Pretty Cunning – Rain
Thinking Out Loud – 47 hours
Twenty Major – Small Story

Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Wiki Ireland

Letter to America
Sinéad Gleeson
Social Dublin

Best Political Blog – Sponsored by

Disillusioned Lefty
El Paso Times
Slugger O’Toole
United Irelander

Best Group Blog – Sponsored by

In Fact, ah.
Slugger O’Toole
The Community At Large

Best Comment/Commenter – Sponsored by Spark Ireland

Kevin Breathnach
Sarah Carey
Copernicus commenting on Risk Equalisation
Chris Gaskin – Balrog
That Girl -Thinking Out Loud

Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Hosting365

MacDara – Lebanon an Irish Experience
Rick O’Shea’s Blog
Sarah Carey – Gubu
Thinking Out Loud

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog – Sponsored by

Arm Rúnda na Gaeilge
Hilary NY
An tImeall
Muddle-Headed Memes and Musings
An Spailpín Fánac

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere – Sponsored by

John Breslin – PlanetOfTheBlogs
Roger Galligan –
Bernard Goldbach – Irish Eyes
Donncha O’Caoimh – WordPress
Michele Neylon –

Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

Dave’s Rants
Irish Eyes
Michele Neylon
Tom Raftery


  1. saint says:

    Great work Damian. I guess the question is will twenty sweep the board 🙂

  2. fústar says:

    Gah! It seems I’ll have to try and squeeze into me confirmation suit, polish the grey slip-on shoes, and give me hair a quick scrub and brush.

    A trip up to the big shmoke! I’ll make sure to look about me in dumbfounded ‘culchie’ wonder.

    Seriously though, nice to be nominated. Thanks to all who voted, and thanks to Damien for all the hard slog.

  3. saint says:

    just thought of something maybe should have had a best looking blog award ah well

  4. copernicus says:

    This letter to america guy rocks. Interesting to see the best blog and best culture blog sections are near mirror images.

  5. Sharon. says:

    Ahhh! No fair !

    Ourselves and young Haughey are leaving to establish an ‘Independent Irish Blog Awards’ competition .
    A ‘Continuity IBA’ , if you like ….. !
    We enjoyed getting this far – thanks for the opportunity . Hope to see ye in Buswells on March 11th . Be good ….. !


  6. that girl says:

    Consider me chuffed 🙂

  7. Wayne Cronin says:

    Excellent! Am delighted to see Social Dublin up there among some great blogs. Actually I was happy to have been nominated in the first instance.

    Thanks to everyone who voted and to Damien for putting the show on the road.


  8. that girl says:

    Is it just me, or are there some really significant omissisons from the lists? I’ve mentioned this over on my own blog but I’m flabbergasted that neither Gavin nor Richard Delevan have made the lists…anyone else think this is odd? I’m not suggesting any funny business btw, just very curious about how those high profile blogs can be absent…

  9. It’s not unusual for long-running websites to avoid self-promotion. Gavin Sheridan has years of blogging and thousands of posts. His regular readers are scattered on more continents than Irish diaspora. Richard Delevan has a style that has spawned a newspaper column, armchair critics and a groupcast. When your energy is devoted to creating, you often let the promotion to someone else.

    Said another way, you have to ask your friends to vote for your stuff when you’re in a popularity contest. The first cut of the Irish Blog Awards evolved on the heels of a vote count. Those with the most votes got to a short list. It’s a process as flawed as politicians encounter when stumping for their votes.

    I’m counting on Gavin and Richard to be in Buswell’s on March 11th. They’re always good conversationalists.

  10. Rick says:

    Also similarly chuffed 🙂


  11. Sinéad says:

    I’d have to echo that girl’s comments. It’s nice to be nominated but I feel like a bit of a charlatan in the ‘best blog’ category when people like Richard Delevan, Gavin, Fiona De Londras, Free Stater and countless others haven’t been shortlisted.

  12. Colm says:

    Just realised that Dick et al at Back Seat Drivers are not on it either. Very disappointed. I’m with Sinead on this one. I’m quite uneasy to be in Best Group when BSDs and Dossing Times have been omitted.

  13. fústar says:

    I’ll just echo Sinéad, echoing that girl. Pleased etc., but quite surprised by the omissions.

    No Free Stater? No Fi Fe Fo Fum? etc, etc. Hmm…

    Nature of the beast I suppose, but I hope the lists amount to something slightly more than who’s got the most friends!

    Hopefully those excluded will still attend the bash, as it should be more about celebrating the activity/’community’ etc., than simply handing out prizes to specific individuals.

  14. Twenty Major says:

    I don’t see why people should be uneasy that there are omissions. When you have a lot of candidates it’s inevitable. The vote was very public, it would certainly be much more worthy of discussion had the voting process not been so open and transparent. Damien deserves great credit for that.

    Perhaps Gavin and Richard have suffered because their blogs haven’t been as active as they once were?

    Anyone who has been shortlisted should be proud that their work is being acknowledged without it being any kind of slight on those who didn’t make the lists.

    To me what it does highlight though is the quality of Irish blogs. If those that missed out weren’t worth talking about it would be a far worse situation, IMO.

  15. Sinéad says:

    Oh my God, I think Twenty’s imposter is back and this time they’re posting serious thoughts and considered commentary with no mention of the word cunt.

  16. Twenty Major says:

    “I am not an elephant…”

  17. copernicus says:

    I think Twenty makes a good point. I was thinking about it myself. The longlist co-incided with an unfortunate spell of inactivity across some of the best blogs. People linking from the longlist would have found spartan posting. In fact, freestater, fifie and tuppence, for example, all seem to have picked up on the posting front around the close of voting.

    A bit of canvassing wouldn’t have gone astray either. Noam Delevan (as he must now be called according to that political chart test thingy) at least won a “Liberty” blog award so he can take comfort from that…on some level.

  18. saint says:

    I’m quite uneasy to be in Best Group when BSDs and Dossing Times have been omitted.
    Thanks for missing us Colm. But don’t be uneasy you deserve it as much as anyone.

  19. copernicus says:

    I’d agree with Sinead’s suggestion of an expanded best blogger category. I imagine voting was spare in some of the other categories at any rate.

  20. Gavin says:

    I go along with Twenty and Bernie on this. My blog, while it does have high traffic, hasnt been as active on the front page as it has been in the past. And I didnt exactly plug for votes in any active way at all, not that people shouldnt do that though.

    Im actually really happy that so many relatively new blogs are short listed – theres huge talent out there and its to the benefit of everyone that people are recognised for their efforts.

    And if at least one person buys me a pint, I’m on a winner 🙂

  21. omaniblog says:

    Thank you very much for the shortlist. I can now set about reading a manageable number of blogs. I’m delighted that some blogs are in more than one list, that makes it even easier.
    Since arriving in Cork in November, I have been pondering over how I might tune into the Irish blogging ‘community’ in order to find those who differ most from me and those with whom I might agree. Above all, I have been looking for blogs to follow.
    This award has saved me so many hours and saved me from being totally dependent on serendipity.

  22. saint says:

    This award has saved me so many hours and saved me from being totally dependent on serendipity.

    🙁 that means you miss the wonders of the dossing times. We have a picture of a river you know.


  23. Sorry to change the change the mood in here but I’ve a really serious question that needs to be answered asap – do I need to wear a monkey suit for this event? 😉

  24. Dave says:

    James I reckon you really want to wear that suit!

  25. Frank says:

    ‘you have to ask your friends to vote for your stuff when you’re in a popularity contest’

    I’m a sad old codger who doesn’t have any friends apart from barmen, and they don’t use PCs.

    Should have asked for bonus points to gt me started, in a spirit of affirmative action.


  26. Go raibh mile maith agaibh. Is deas a bheith tugtha faoi deara! Tá Wombat an-sásta.

  27. dan says:

    check out my Irish Peter Doherty blog @


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