All 13 Categories now sponsored – Still looking for spot prizes

* Best Blogger – Sponsored by Blacknight
* Best Blog Post – Sponsored by
* Most Humorous Post – Sponsored by BEECHER.NET
* Best Photo Blog – Sponsored by Imagefile Ireland.
* Best Fictional Piece in a Blog – Sponsored by
* Best Arts and Culture Blog – Sponsored by Wiki Ireland
* Best Political Blog – Sponsored by
* Best Group Blog – Sponsored by
* Best Comment/Commenter – Sponsored by Spark Ireland
* Best Personal Blog – Sponsored by Hosting365
* Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog –
* Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere (Tech wise) – Sponsored by
* Best Technology Blog/Blogger – Sponsored by Bitbuzz

I’ve been offered some wine as spot prizes and am still looking for other prizes too if any company wants to throw something in.

Now begins the countdown to the Public Vote.


  1. Michele says:

    So when is the vote? 🙂

  2. sean says:

    Can someone please let us know what is happening like when is the vote to begin, is there a list we will be voting from. People are loosing interest because we are being left in the dark. We need to know when to get our canvassers out and our posters on the lamp posts. I have a party political blog broadcast booked for RTE for Monday evening and I want to know if I should proceed.

  3. Damien says:


    Two posts down I stated “With the addition of a new Category, public voting will instead start on Feb. 6th”

    Tomorrow is the big day. There’s a media embargo today as a result. So, sssh.

  4. Rick O'Shea says:

    Does that mean I’m not supposed to be reading this…..? 🙂


  5. Paul Browne says:

    Any chance of using the logo from on the page ?



  6. Damien says:

    Paul, will amend it now. At the time your website was down when I was updating the page with logos. Will be on to the sponsors tomorrow too anyways.

  7. Lonnie says:

    You guys need a best Irish Expat’ blog….:)

  8. moi says:

    No music blog section? Yes – Arts & culture section – but no music one? And all them hip new bands being broken through the blog scene………… Ninanywaze