March 11th – Alexander Hotel – 7pm

UPDATE: New venue is Alexander Hotel

Initially it was looking like it was going to be March 4th but Rick O’Wonderful Host is going to be away that evening. So, unless everyone is unhappy with March 11th, that is when the awards take place. Buswells Hotel, around the corner from the Dáil.

Room cost is €200 ex vat and I’m sure that if everyone puts in a fiver each we should be able to cover the cost of it. Post in the comments or email irishawards [at] if you are going to come along. The venue holds 70 comfortably and a few more at a squeeze. If you want Tea/Coffee and biscuits the cost is €4 per head or €8 if you want tea/coffee and sandwiches. I will need numbers in advance if people want to avail of these. There’s a bar in the Hotel and so you can bring alcohol you bought in the bar into the room with you. No sneaking in naggins!

I’m going to try and get everyone free wireless access too.

Map to Buswells:
Map to Buswells


  1. Frank says:


    Good work. Looking forward to reading the work of a few more bloggers than usual, and meeting in Buswells on 11/3

  2. Adam says:

    Oh, if only it was 4 days later, I’d be there!
    Seems like a good set up anyway, good work.

  3. fústar says:

    Excellent stuff. One of my ‘party’ works but a stone’s throw from Buswells (no apostrophe I believe) so that works out splendidly.

  4. copernicus says:

    I’m no stranger to the bar in Buswells to be sure, and may oft be found ‘atin’ sangiges and flakin’ into the tae while waited on by its uniformed flunkeys. When I’m not locked that is.

  5. Sound good and everything seems to be progressing nicely. Cant see myself making it on the night but will certainly be keeping up to date on the evening.

  6. Piaras Kelly says:

    Should go despite the hectic workload

  7. Paul Browne says:

    Think it’s the same room that the INDA use for their monthly get together – while it will take 60-80 (according to the .Net guys) it’s in a sit-down elbow to elbow format.

    For the ‘get together and chat’ bit afterwards they tend to reconvene in the bar upstairs , which is quite pleasant – although it may be busier on a Saturday than the Wednesdays that I’ve been there.

  8. Damien, thanks for all the hard work. I’m planning on being there and am looking forward to meeting some more Irish Bloggers.