Voting System – Almost ready

Roger Galligan and his team from IrishBlogs have been up all night listening to late night radio as they code a voting system for the Blog Awards. Hopefully after some private testing and all the nominations have been sorted, the public vote can start on Tuesday the 24th of January and go on for two weeks.

I have yet to hear a “Yay” or a “nay” about whether can go on the suggested dates. I’ll make a post about category sponsorship tomorrow.

One Comment

  1. frankp says:

    BifSniff were nominated for a Best of Blogs award… they had some awful trouble with their voting… might be worth checking out if you want to see what pitfalls can be encountered!

    Do you have details on how the voting rules work? One man one vote? Vote early vote often? One per IP address? etc etc…

    Anyway, good luck – well done for getting this going!