Web Awards 09 thank yous (part 1)

This is an extended version of the incomplete thank your list from Saturday night.

Firstly, as ever, thank you to Rick who is amazingly easy to work with. He just runs a show and makes it seem so easy. He rocks and I’m blessed he’s a friend and a co-worker in a way:
Rick O'Shea, rock God

Also thanks to Realex Payments who were so easy to work with. They came to me earlier in the year and we chatted and the deal was done to be headliners and they didn’t ask for anything, they just wanted to be part of a fun event. Thanks to Tracy in Realex Payments who was amazingly helpful. Thanks too to the gaffer of Realex and the man that pointed out my love of words that start with C. When you work with a headline sponsor that is in the centre of the fun you can have an awards show that’s total stress free:

Colm Lyon from Realex Payments

Thanks to Stephen Boyce for his project managing of this and all the lugging of the sweets. I fired off emails, he did the donkey work. You can also thank him for all the sweets and crisps and the choosing of them. Thanks to John Williams for putting together the most awful Powerpoint presentation ever. (That was my task for him and he did very well. He’s willing to consult with any company wanting the same.) Thanks to Alexia for operating the most awful and largest Powerpoint presentation ever. Brian Greene wasn’t there and was sorely missed. So he gets thanks for being him. Thanks to Klara. Thanks to Steven Day for being the trophy totty for the evening. Dressed in his Irish soccer kit. (That’s going to make an interesting Google result for his name) Thanks to Ryan and his genius photos. Thanks to Darragh Doyle for updating the world. Thanks to the helpers who came along on the night. Adam, Aidan, Ian and Eleanor. Thanks too to those I forgot to thank on the night and here again! And of course thanks to Charles for being very patient.

Fran Hollywood deserves special mention for not only making all the foam props that most people took home but for also going off and commissioning the best trophies ever.
Web Awards 09 Trophies

And special note too to John Blackbourn. WebNinjaGod who built the site, the judging system, the online payments system and someone who gave great advice.

A big long thank you to all the sponsors and PR agencies who were of immense help. Another post just for that.

Last but not least at all is everyone who nominated, judged, came along and built websites that make life better. You all rock.
Web Awards Crowd 2009

10 Responses to “Web Awards 09 thank yous (part 1)”

  1. Christian says:

    Congratulations on a great event Damien – you and everyone you’ve mentioned did a most fantastic job! I hope there are many, many more!!

  2. And so say all of us.

  3. Steph says:

    Ever considered the wedding planner business?

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  5. Darragh says:

    Most welcome Damien. Really enjoyed the night. Twittered, drank, chatted, danced, laughed, slagged, talked, discussed, joked, accepted, nodded and boogied along with everyone else. Great night. Fair play etc :)

  6. facundo says:

    Thanks to all the organisers. It was my first time attending and will definitely repeat next year!

  7. Sinéad says:

    A fantastic event, thanks for having us all over ;)

  8. A brilliant night, another first timer and will def be back next year for more Chickatees from Rick!

  9. Nominee says:

    Congratulations to the winners and well done the organizing committee.
    As it was announced at the start of this year’s Awards campaign when exactly the score-cards are going to be made public then ?