New Blogs on the Block October 29th 2007

Family caregivers in Northwest Ireland

So it goes.

My Left Ventricle.

Keynoter blog. Art, painting and more.


  1. Thanks for the link! Now I feel like a real blogger!

  2. ollie says:

    How e ya Damien
    I’ve a foodie blog, only its not foodie in the traditional bloggie way. I don’t have (any) recpies (I’m not sure that’s even spelt correctly).
    I wirte mostly about organic farming and food, though there’s an A-Z of food-related issues there, or, more specifically, an A-Y (animals, austria ,biodynamic….all the way to yields…must find a Z!)
    If you get a chance to put me into next week’s new blogs, as ‘one you’ve just noticed’, I’d appreciate it. My blog is Cheers

  3. marko c says:

    congrats to the so it goes gang its a class blog.

  4. Susan says:

    What a delightful surprise to find our Caregivers’ blog here — thank you! I also have a blog about writing in the middle of Irish nowhere, and wouldn’t I looove to see that mentioned too (you darling). Good luck with all the preparations for March, and again, a thousand thanks…

  5. ahh cheers for the link 🙂