New Blogs on the Block – September 10th 2007

Ed’s Cork’s Daily Snap, photoblog.

Ian’s Journey By Starlight.

Cormac Moylan’s blog about anything and almost everything and his MacBlogger blog too.

One for the Road, a blog about things and stuff and things that are not necessarily stuff but if you glance quickly enough, it might appear to be stuff. Kinda.


  1. you’ve described it better than i ever could have.


  2. Kate says:

    have you seen my blog? Information, musings and occasional rants on writing and publishing in and from Ireland?

  3. Shazgood says:

    Count me in please.
    Been blogging now for four months.
    Best to describe as random humour, sarcasm, occasional creative writing, too much chess by far, and scurrilous ant-Bertie stuff.

  4. count me in too, please. Been blogging now for one month,
    Best to describe as ‘the thoughts and ramblings of a landscape gardener.
    Antything from south africa to bertie from car to bulbs and all the finest horticultural advice you can get in one blog.

    slán go foill

  5. A Chara,

    On the blog awards homepage can I be spelt D-o-n-e-g-a-n.

    most appreciated

  6. Clairec23 says:

    My blog is aimed at promoting young and unpublished writers primarily, and getting writers together to help each other improve.