New Blogs on the Block – October 30th 2006

Lots of new blogs on the block this week.

Head Rambles – Rambles around the head of a Senior Citizen.

Helen from Cork and her (almost a) year in India blog.

Tractor Repair and H.R. Giger art. The Gamma Goblin blog.

Sparky’s blog. Aka Denis.

John Mortell’s blog. Been around for a while but am only noticing it now.

Fine Gael councillor Richard Daly’s blog. Right now it’s just a press release archive. Yet to find the genuine voice for the blog.


  1. Robin says:

    Don’t forget “Orla in Ethiopia!”

    My friend, an Irish girl blogging from a volunteer placement out the back of Ethiopia.

  2. Damien says:

    Wow, cool. Will add her to the next one.

  3. James Lee says:

    I’d love to know what people think of my blog. It’s not been on the go for long, with 5-10 hits a day, but I dont get many comments. Please check it out.

  4. Damien says:

    I’ll add yours to the next update too James.

  5. A couple more for you: – Blogorrah is your daily source for Irish culture, media news, gossip – and whatever you’re having yourself. – If Sport Is War. Meet The Armchair Generals. – All about Search Engine Marketing: helping sites rank better and market more effectively. Free tools, regularly updated with search engine news. – All about Killarney, regularly updated with upcoming events and tips for travelers.

  6. Glad you noticed one of my blogs but the REAL one is which is reflections while the one you mentioned simply allows people to comment on press releases. R.D.

  7. Jess says:

    …and another, based in Limerick:

    A photoblog of ‘Things That Look Like People’.

  8. Damian says:

    Looks like this is the place for shameless plugs.

    The Ask Direct blog. Marketing and fundraising for non-profits

    Been going for a couple of months now with a small but steady readership.

  9. Back a little while now, at a different address.

  10. Robin Blandford says:

    Here’s another newbie-ish of mine:


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